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Hum dono… :)

kabhi kabhi shaam dhale,
jab baithey ho’n hum dono –
kabhi apne din ki baatein doosre ko bataatey hue,
aur kabhi bas aise hi, chup chaap ek doosre ko mehsoos karte –
dono ke haath mein ek beer ka glass,
tumhaare haath mein ek ke baad ek cigarette jalti hui –
tab lagta hai bilkul waisa hi,
jaisa lagta tha tab jab hum miley thay,
aur jaan rahey thay ek doosre ko, dheere dheere.

Yaad hai tumhein woh waqt?
art galleriyaan, starbeans ki coffee,
aur woh cocktail regent blues mein –
woh lambe din aur usse bhi lambi raatein jab sirf phone pe kartey thay baat,
aur shuru mein toh receiving mein bhi hota tha charge.
aur unn lambe din aur lambi raat’on ke beech,
woh lamhe bhar ki shaam
jab hote thay ek saath
hum dono.

kitney saal lage, kitne ghante,
kitne phone call, aur kitni baar hum miley,
aur dheere dheere jaan’ne lagey ek doosre ko itna,
ke vishwaas ho gaya ki yehi toh chahiye tha
zindagi ka jigsaw poora hone ke liye,
aur bas, kar liya tay ke tumse kabhi nahin bhi miley hotey,
phir bhi tumse na milney ka hota pachhtaava –
maaloom hota meri zindagi ko, ke ismein jis zindagi ko milna tha,
woh abhi tak mili nahin.

Tab se abb tak,
kaise aa gaye hum?
Humaare kal ne pauhunchaaya humein
humaare aaj tak.
aur ye aaj raasta bana raha hai
humaare aane waale kal ke liye.
Ye padh kar soch rahe hoge tum – ke kal hoga toh kaisa hoga?
Bas, aisa hi hoga, meri jaan – tum aur main, hum dono, ek saath,
aur humaari banaayi hui ye zindagi.



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garmiyo’n ki dopahar,

baahar tez dhoop,

meri khidki mein kabootar yahaan-wahaan dekhta hua,

shaayad paani dhoond raha hai woh.


baarish chaar dino’n se hui nahin,

shaayad theek hi hai,

baadh ka keher kar chuka hai beghar kayi’on ko,

nadi ka ye roop magar kitna apna sa lagta hai.


main andar, computer par kavitaa’ein likhte hu’e,

nazar uthaa, ungliyo’n ko keyboard par rok kar,

dekh rahi hoon baahar ki duniya,

aur mehsoos kar rahi hoon apney astitva ko.


ghar ke andar ki thandak,

aur balcony ke ghaney paudh’on ke beech,

khidki ke neele parde mein se

andar jhaankti dhoop ki kirnein.


mere aas-paas, thandey farsh par,

so rahe hain do aise jo kabhi rehtey thay sadko’n par,

aur abb hain iss ghar ke mujh jaise hi hissedaar,

bol nahin saktey, lekin aankho’n mein hai duniya bhar ka pyaar.


ghar iss waqt khaali hai,

aur koi nahin hai insaan.

akele toh hoon, lekin akelapan kahaan,

kaafi hain tanhaayi aur ye shabd kahiin andar se nikaltey hu’e.



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The first day of the rest of his life

So, my little baby brother seems to have grown up – officially.

He’s left home to join a very prestigious course at a very prestigious institute – and it’s just what he’d wanted – and he’s happy – and so am I. 🙂

He’s lived at home way longer than I have. He was born in Meerut, and then lived there through school, and then way lucky enough to have an option to join the Institute of Hotel Management in Meerut. He’s done with college too now, and has gotten through what he’d wanted, and has moved into the new hostel just a couple of days ago.

He started classes yesterday, and he’s loving it!

Mom, Papa and I are just happy that our Brat finally has some discipline in his life! The poor boy has to wake up at 5:30 and go do P.T.!! The idiotic, lazy boy who didn’t bathe till you pushed him into the bathroom and locked him inside, is now bathing that early in the morning, and getting dressed in formals and going to class! Oooh, how I love it! *evil laughter*

Here’s wishing him all the happiness and love, and all the fun and hard work, and all of what he loves the most! 🙂


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Living in the suburbs

Last night, there was the loveliest and scariest storm I’ve seen. We live on the fifth floor of a building which is surrounded by almost nothing. Behind the apartments, there are a few houses – but they’re all just two or three storeys high. Behind these houses, there’s just wide open land for acres and acres – and you can see the lit up highway far, far away, after the acres of greenery. So, when there’s a storm, standing in our balcony is just an amazing experience. I guess the wind velocity would be high since there are no obstructions in the way. Last night, a bucket lying in the balcony, flew about with the wind. And in far distance, all you could see was the translucent dust rising up in swirls.


This morning, what woke me up was the cool breeze, and the sounds of peacocks and koels. I opened my eyes to see the plants in my balcony dancing, with the wind.

Such a nice way to start your day, I think. 🙂

Many people ask us why we choose to live in the suburbs, and drive an hour or more, one way, to work everyday.

This is why.


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My Ace Swimmer

For someone who’d never stepped into a swimming pool ever, G has managed to learn how to swim in just a little over a week.

It all started when we moved into this flat, a year and a half ago, and saw the half-constructed swimming pool. It took a year or so for the pool to be ready for use, and the day we saw the notice that said ‘Membership Open’, we rushed to buy swim suits and goggles, and caps and ear plugs. So, I bought a sporty black and yellow racerback suit, white goggles and cap, and ear plugs. He was to get swimming trunks and goggles for himself, and he didn’t because, like he said, he wasn’t sure if he’ll actually swim or not.



A 4-year old, little boy goes with his parents and older sisters to a big, swanky hotel to meet his cousins who’re visiting from abroad. His parents and the other grownups sit around, sipping tea. While, the older children all run around, playing. The moody little 4-year old sits next to his mum. He sees the other children playing and decides to venture away from the safety of being next to mommy.

The next thing he knows, he’s been pushed into the swimming pool by some boisterous cousin of his. He gasps for breath and madly flails his arms and legs about, till someone jumps in and rescues him. Maybe it took less than a minute for someone to see him in the water, and to jump in and get him out – but, to the 4-year old brain it’s obviously a huge trauma.

And this puts him off swimming for a long, long time.


Cut to April, 2009

G steps into the pool with me, imagines that his asthma is catching up again because he’s feeling short of breath. This is actually because the water’s cold, and he refuses to move. He walks right out, changes, sits by the poolside and waits till I finish my first swim of the season. All the while, I’m thinking how I was right and that the pest I’m married to has to, of course, do all the drama possible.

So anyway, that was the first day.

Second day, we couldn’t go swimming. Both of us got stuck with work in office.

Third day, and I see him jump into the pool even before I’d changed my clothes. And the pest just had to go and prove me wrong by swimming 3/4 of a breadth of the pool within three days. And then to doing ten breadths in a day, within the next 5 days.

I’m the one who’s grown up swimming. My brother and I would live in the club swimming pool in the Summer. So, for about a month before our pool opened here, I was (literally!) jumping up and down in excitement. And now, this pest is more excited than I am – everyday! You should just see him!

And this makes me so happy. And so proud of the pest. 🙂

It also makes me want to smack him – but that’s besides the point.


P.S. – Smack him, why? Well, because I’m down with the stupid pox, and he’s going swimming every evening! hmpph!!!


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Sunday Mornings

You sleep till late,
while I wake early
and wait
for the slumber leading from
the excesses of
Saturday night
to end.

Or sometimes keep
peeping into our bedroom, while
getting ready, watering the plants,
feeding the cats.

Looking in, at you sleeping,
like you do,
your nose buried in your pillow.

Smelling like you do,
(as I keep telling you)
like a rubber balloon.

Waiting for you to wake
up. So I can see your searching
eyes, looking for me
to kiss your sleep away.

And then you sit
up in bed, wanting
your hot cup of strong
sweet tea, and the news
of the day.

And after that first
kiss of the day,
I go back to getting ready,
watering the plants, feeding
the cats, and waiting
for the next one that comes
when you’re getting out
of our bed, and starting our one day

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First Day

…at new job.

Wish me luck. 🙂


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