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Sapney kam bhi ho’n,

hain toh sahi.

Log kehtey hain sirf naukri kaafi nahin,

career hona chahiye,

passion zaroori hai,

aagey badhne ki hodh zaroori hai.

Aisa kyun hai lekin?


Kyun hai zaroori aage badhna?

Kyun nahin bas zindagi ke saath behtey chalo,

nadi ki taraah.


Raastey mein kuchh gaaon milenge,

jo basey hain iss nadi ke liye –

wahaan se shaant ho kar behtey chalo.


Milenge kuchh vaadiyaan aur pahaad,

zindagi ke utaar-chadhaav –

wahaan se apna raasta khud banaate hue nikalte chalo.


Saath mein hoga waqt khud ko aage badhaane ka,

career mein nahin,

zindagi mein.


Ghoomna kitaab’on mein basi duniyaa’on mein,

aur asli duniya ke koney-koney tak.

Rehna kareeb asli zindagi ke,

aur rakhna paas unn logo’n ko jo dilaatey hain yaad ke zindagi kya hai.


taraazu mein tola jaaye,

ek taraf career –

museebat’on se joojhta, stress badhaata hua;

aur doosre palrey par zindagi –

jo bula rahi hai hum sab ko,

iss nadi ki har boond ko choos-choos ke peene ke liye –

aur taraazu ke theek beech mein,

naukri se aane waali tankha,

jo deti hai saadhan ye zindagi jeene ke liye,

lekin ijaazat nahin hai isey jeene ke liye.



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Kal shaam ko socha ke bauhat ho gaya

zaroorat hai aaraam ki,

theek usee taraah jaise ek khaali canvas

jo hota hai ekdum kora

usey zaroorat hoti hai rang’on mein lath-path hone ki.


Rang – kabhi surkh laal, toh kabhi shaant neela,

sooraj se bhi peela, ya phir naani ke baageechey sa hara –

ya shaayad satrangi.


Haftey bhar office ka kaam,

aur kaam hi nahin, politics bhi.

Jo raajneeti chalaati hai desh ko,

office mein aa jaaye toh kar deti waisa hi bawaal,

jaisa hota hai jab gir jaata hai raaton-raat bana foot-bridge.


Kaam ka phal, miley ya na mile,

tankha toh mil hi jaayegi –

yeh keh kar apne aap ko saantvana do bhi toh kab tak?


Shaayad theek hi hai –

paanch din ka kaam, robot ki taraah,

aur robot bhi rajnikant waaala nahin –

woh toh hero hai, hum kahaan.


Paanch din ka kaam, aur phir do din ki zindagi –

Khud ke liye ye do din, bina salary ke

kitney zyaada achhe hain unn paanch dino’n se.


“Choose a job you love, and you won’t have to work a day in your life” –

yehi kiya tha, lekin phir kya hua?



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Blah days

Do you hate that feeling as much? The feeling of wanting to write, but not being able to? Of randomly looking out of the window on the drive to office, and thinking of something that you want to write about, and then not having the time to even think about it again the whole day, let alone writing what you wanted; and then getting back home late evening and trying to think of what it was that had struck you that morning, now that you do have a little time, and finding your mind completely devoid of all ideas? I hate it. I do.

Weekends have been full of work too. And weekdays have been leaving me drained of all ideas, and zilch inclination to sit down and write some more. Most evenings are full of the kind of ennui that I detest.

Having long, tiring days at work are both, good and bad.

The bad days have me doing too many things, and not completing even one, and has my mind flitting between all the different bits of randomness. The day, then, ends with my mind still on overdrive, when I need to turn off the music in the car, or else listen to old Hindi film songs, and lean back with my eyes closed till the time I reach G’s office to pick him up. He’s been having hectic days too. His days even stretching into working from home till 2 a.m. most nights. Long days in office for him means me having to wait in the car below his office till he gets done with work. And then the drive back home, which, mostly, is just about ranting about the day.

Good days at work, of which now there are a few, have me writing – quite a bit. Thinking about each word and its meanings and context make for a fulfilling day, even with the craziness that surrounds.

And, there hasn’t been much that has happened apart from work, but friends there have been many. What better than a nice, chatty dinner with friends at home, after a crazy day at work? Having close friends that live a 5-minute walk away helps, of course. A swim would help too, but what with having a cold and cough a while ago, and then G getting a ear infection, then all the late evenings at work, and the swine flu scare – no swimming has happened for almost two weeks.

This post is turning into something almost morose, but it sure feels good to write. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Work Space

\"Picture of the soft board above my desk in office\"

This is a picture of the soft board above my desk in office.

Pretty – yes? ๐Ÿ™‚

Me in the Background

And that’s out-of-focus me in the background. ๐Ÿ™‚


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I’m feeling…

amused. ๐Ÿ˜€

Why, you ask?

‘Coz I’ve spent the last month worrying and fretting over problems I thought I was having. Well, turns out, at least three more people have the same problems. And, that amuses me no end.

Erm…ok…that made no sense to most people…! Just stuff at work – that cannot be elaborated upon.

Oh, and yeah – back in office today. ๐Ÿ™‚


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Today’s mood: Happy!

Talked to Mom last night…about the crabbiness…and what she says is right…I’m surprised I didn’t think of it myself…
Why do I mostly expect everyone I know to be on the same wavelength as me? Why don’t I feel great about all the really nice people and things at work (and around me) and forget about the rest…and just get my job done? I’m over all the crabbiness anyway. Knew I’d get over it soon enough. Think I’ll just blame the “cultural shock”.

Had a nice time this evening. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s mood: Happy…and it’s staying this way now. ๐Ÿ™‚


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Today’s mood: Crabby

Long time since I wrote. Have been trying to, but just can’t somehow. Put this new thing on my blog called “Today’s Mood“. Quite cool, I think. Today, I’m crabby. Actually, wasn’t in the morning. These days I get crabby as soon as I reach office. I keep telling myself on the rickshaw ride to work that I won’t let things get to me today, but I still end up getting all bugged. And no, it’s not really the work. (Though, I wish the film would take off quickly.) It’s more the people, and the constant sarcasm and the sexist jokes. No, the jokes don’t happen when I’m there, but they do go on all the time, and…oh, it’s SO IRRITATING!

Although (clarification needed), it’s not everyone. It’s just a couple of people. The rest are nice. Really nice.

I know I gotta do something. Just don’t know what.

In the meanwhile…for some reason, been thinking of these lines all day…

To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

– William Blake


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