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Happy Women’s Day

…to all of you women, and to all the men so they can be thankful for the all the women in their lives.

What would you all do without us, no? And, just so this doesn’t sound sexist, we’d be incomplete without you all too. 🙂

If I’d to be thankful to only one woman, though – that would be my best friend and my Mom. Going by what Nancy Friday and Simone de Beauvoir say, I have only mostly you to thank for me being the woman I am, Ma. 🙂

For all of you who live in the NCR, please do go and get your hands on today’s TOI, and turn to Page 17. And, yes – drumroll please – that is my Mom’s article on the bottom left of the page.

For all those who can’t get the Delhi edition, here it is:

(Click picture to enlarge)

Mom's Article



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Cool, eh?

Right now, as I write this, I am sitting in our car, which is parked below G’s office, and I’m online! And blogging!! 🙂

And, no – not just from my phone either. Even cooler than that!

I’m blogging from my laptop, which is connected to the internet through my mobile phone GPRS connection!!

Am I cool, or what?!! 😀


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The PINK CHADDI Campaign


The PINK CHADDI Campaign

The PINK CHADDI Campaign

Dear All,
You may have heard of the Pink Chaddi Campaign that kicked off a few days ago to oppose the Sri Ram Sena. The campaign is growing exponentially (2,624 at this point in the life of our Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women) and that is not surprising. Most women in this country have enough curbs on their lives without a whole new franchise cashing in with their bully-boy tactics. Of course, a lot of men have joined the group as well.

Here is we want to do with the Pink Chaddi Campaign. Join in. Be imaginative, have fun and fight back!

Step 1: It does not matter that many of us have not thought about Valentine’s Day since we were 13. If ever. This year, let us send the Sri Ram Sena some love. Let us send them some PINK CHADDIS

Look in your closet or buy them cheap. Dirt-cheap. Make sure they are PINK. Send them off to the Sena. 

The address to send the package is:
Pramod Muthalik, 
Chief Bully Boy, Sri Rama Sena, 
#11, Behind New Bus Stand, Gokhul Road, Near Lakshmi Park,
HUBLI – Karnataka
Also, participants in Bangalore have agreed to draw fire from the Sri Ram Sena by organising a press conference on February 13. What would be great fun and also useful as a tactic is to send all our collections to Bangalore. There the packages that everyone has sent will be pooled in front of the national media and publicly sent to the Sena. You can imagine the scene, can’t you? A giant heap of pink chaddis and a very serious press conference where we tell Mr Muthalik what we think of him?

So, the chaddis can also be mailed to:

The Pink Chaddi Campaign,
C/O Alternate Law Forum,
122/4 Infantry Road 
(opposite Infantry Wedding House)
Bangalore 560001
Contact person: Nithin (9886081269)
And, in case you don’t want to mail it yourself, you can drop it off at the Chaddi Collection Points. We will be collecting across the country through this week and sending the packages on February 12. More information about Chaddi Collectors in your city soon on the blog:

Step 2: Send the Pink Chaddi Campaign a photograph of the package. 

Tell us how many chaddis you are sending out and inspire other women in other cities. You can either mail the information here or you can mail it at our facebook address. 

Step 3: On Valentine’s Day, we do a Pub Bharo action. Go to a pub wherever you are. From Kabul to Chennai to Guwahati to Singapore to LA, women have signed up. It does not matter if you are actually not a pub-goer or not even much of a drinker. Let us raise a toast (it can be juice) to Indian women. Take a photo or video. We will put it together and send this as well to the Sri Ram Sena. 

Step 4: After Valentine’s Day, we should get some of our elected leaders to agree that beating up women is AGAINST INDIAN CULTURE. 

For now, ask not what Dr VS Acharya, Home Minister of Karnataka can do for you. Ask what you can do for him. Here is his blog.

Send him some love.


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Virtual Barber Shop

Listen to this! It’s absolutely mindblowing!

But, it will work ONLY with stereo headphones. Please listen to it only after you’ve put on your headphones. Believe me, it’s AWESOME! 🙂


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