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roz subaah office mein aate hi

jaise alfaaz ruk se jaatey hain,

kal-parson ki kavitaa’ein jaise

mit si gayi ho’n, aur kho gayi ho’n kahiin

dimaag ke kisi koney mein.


kal raat tak jaise ek baadh si thi,

aur lafz ruktey nahin thay,

dimaag daud raha tha typing speed se tez,

aur chhooth bhi jaatey thay kuchh shabd

likhey jaaney se pehle hi.


aur abb ye haal hai

ki aas-paas dekh kar bhi,

kuchh aisa dihkta nahin, kuchh bhi soojhta nahin,

jispe likhi jaa sakey koi kavita,

ya sirf kuchh hi shabd bhi.


theek bhi hai,

office mein office ka kaam hona chahiye

lekin emails ko reply aur forward kar-karke

thak gaye haath, dimaag par chhaa gayi hai susti,

aur kuchh likhney ki chaah toh hai, saamarthya nahin.



[Cross posted on the new blog.]


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It’s been too long…

…and this blog seems like a chore to be completed; and among all the chores to be completed every day, this one seems like the most do-away-able.

So, I figured it might help if I move to someplace else.

Of course, the rest of this blog will be there as well, but it’ll be a new address, a new home, with a new look.

I might move back here again, who knows – but for now, I think I need a change.

See you all there!

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How come it’s so hard to get back to a blog if you’ve been away too long?


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Cool, na?

At 4 seconds to 12:35 on the 7th of August this year, the time and date will read: 12:34:56, 07-08-09

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Just saw an ad in the paper for a Nursery School called Kidzee.

First of all, what kinda name is that??! Kid-ZEE?? Really? Why? What does it mean?! Does it even mean anything?

Second – the USP of this strangely named kindergarten school seems to be that they “grow your unique child”. Yes, they do. That’s their tagline – “Kidzee. Growing your unique child.”



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On the way to Meerut

…which is where I’ll stay till the stupid Pox is over. And I’m off ‘cos G’s going to be at work all day, and I don’t fancy lying around alone at home, feeling uncomfortable and sorry for myself, all day.

And what’s better than being with Mom when you’re sick? So am off home! 🙂



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Soon…very soon…

Yes, I know how long it’s been since I last blogged. I also know how many comments I haven’t answered. And how late I’ve been in even publishing some of them. There’s still a tag pending too.

Pliss to hang in there. Regular programming shall resume soon.

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