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Meet Zorro, the Bandit Hero


The newest member of our family. And, I can’t wait to meet him! 🙂



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What does one do…

…with a dog that looks this cute, but doesn’t like words?

She especially doesn’t like Jeffrey Archer’s words.

Chewed Books Count: 1 dictionary, 1 Jeffrey Archer novel. 🙂

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Is anyone looking for a pup to adopt?


As you can see, he’s very cute, honey-coloured, plump and very naughty! He’s less than a month old, and has only milk and soft bread. Very healthy, with a clean coat of hair. And, he’s going to the Vet tomorrow morning for a check-up to rule out any possible infections.

He was found on the main Dadri Road in Noida late last night, and had gotten separated from his mother and siblings.

He isn’t a fancy breed, but he’s intelligent and extremely curious about everything. He doesn’t come with a pedigree, but he does have a lot of love and licks to give.

And, he’s looking for a home where he’ll be happy and loved. Whether it’s a home with retired people looking for loving company, or little kids looking for a best friend, this little doggy will fit right in!

We don’t want to send him to an animal NGO since there are a lot of unwell animals there, and this healthy and happy little thing might pick up infections there, and his chances of survival will be lesser because he’s so tiny still.

Please contact Namita or Ashish, (or me and G) at either of the following numbers for more info, or in case you’d like to meet him:
Namita – 97113 08127
Ashish – 98738 31428


And, since he really, really needs a home very desperately, I think I shall tempt you just a little bit more.


Playing with a ball



Sleeping comfortably. Yes, he’s that tiny!


And, here’s video of the little thing, for further temptation:


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The loveliest dog in the world



Candy’s 20th birthday is on the 10th of April. In human years, that means a hundred-and-forty years. She died yesterday, on the 30th of March.

She was the loveliest dog in the world. So human that she’d understand facial expressions. The slightest raising of one eyebrow would make her cock her head to the right side and look at you, as if to ask what’s up?

She’d go thirsty for hours, but wouldn’t drink water from a bowl. You just needed to pass by, for her to get up and start prancing around the sink, looking all happy and hopeful that you’d stop and put on the tap for her. And then she’d happily drink fresh running water.

We’d take her for picnics and she’d run around in crazy circles till she was completely exhausted. And then she’d sit quietly in the car on the ride back home.

At this same picnic spot, there was this little lake with pedal boats. Candy saw Mom standing at the opposite end of this lake, and wagged her tail and jumped into the water – and swam across to reach Mom. Of course, then she got stuck since she couldn’t climb out from the water on to the cemented edges, and looked at Mom with panic on her face – till she was pulled out of the lake.

Even though we had a male dog in the house also, she didn’t ever get pregnant till she was 6 or 7 years old. And the first time that she did, none of her pups survived. I remember taking 4 days off from school because she’d trust me to look after her pups. Also becuaes she was never a very good mother – would just get up and walk away while her pups were still feeding. All of these pups from the first litter would start shivering one by one, and all the other pups would leave that one alone – and then this horrid coldness that I’ll never forget, would start creeping upwards from their paws, and slowly each of them would just die. I held most of them when they were dying, and cry with Candy. One night, exhausted with the crying, I went to bed and left Candy on her bed with the pups, in one corner of my room. Another of the pups started shivering, and Candy gently picked up the little thing in her mouth, came up to my bed and put her front paws up and whined and cried till it woke me up. And I woke up to see her standing with her dying puppy in her mouth, and her eyes asking me to help her babies. I’ll never forget that feeling of complete and utter helplessness.

Candy would always know if you were upset. I remember crying with her sitting next to me, licking me gently.

Her favourite food was fruits. All fruits, but especially mangoes and papayas. Also, roasted sweet potato. Though I always wondered how they were her favourites, since she never chewed anything. Would just open her mouth, grab the fruit you offering greedily, and gulp it down. All the dogs in our house got two meals a day. But one of us would always feed Candy at lunch as well. After finishing our food, we’d take an extra roti and feed her whatever it was that we were having. And she loved it. She loved paneer a lot too.

Through the last 20 years, we’ve had other dogs too. But that’s all they were – pet dogs. Candy was like everyone’s baby. And she knew that too. When we got our Dachshund pup home, she spent the first 3 days being scared of this almost-hairless little black thing with long ears and a straight long tail. And soon she was dragging him around the house with one of those long floppy ears in her mouth.

She’s been steadily growing old, but the last couple of years saw her getting thick cataract in both her eyes. Her hearing went. She could always smell as well though. She had trouble standing up. And would sleep a whole lot. But she never lost her puppy-like happiness and jumpi-ness ever. Except the last week.

My brother spent two nights sitting up with her, trying to put water with Electral in her mouth, through an empty syringe. He tried papaya too. It looked like she was getting better. Yesterday morning, Mom gave her her medicine and she went back to sleep. Her breathing was raspy. And then around 10:30 in the morning, Mom was told that Candy wasn’t breathing any more.

Mom and Papa went to the community park opposite our house, dug a hole near the back wall of the ground, and buried her.

We all miss her. I can’t imagine a lovelier dog than her. And I’ll always wish I could’ve gone home to Meerut and sat with her sometime in the last week.


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…that’s all I seem to be blogging about lately.

So, where have I been?

There was first some business about an out-of-court settlement of a property, which gave us many days and nights of grief and tension. Then, it finally happened, and went surprisingly well.

That very day, G’s dad had a bit of a heart problem. Okay, not just “a bit” of it. He was in the CCU for a few days, and then in the hospital room for another few. Thankfully, my Mom was here the day it happened, and it was detected in time. Err, yeah – she’s a Doctor.

And then there was some pretty unbelievable crap happening at work, which still isn’t all sorted out.

All in all, have had a busy couple of weeks. And, have been promising myself and other people that I shall get back to blogging soon, but it just hadn’t happened. There’s even a tag waiting, and I shall get to that real soon too.

Meanwhile, some new photos up on the photoblog: Janpath Junk, Dilli Sunrise, G, Emptiness, and Silhouetted.

Also, a few pictures of the crazy cats here. This is how my cats sleep. Does anybody else think it incredibly weird and also cute at the same time? And, yes – they do have their own bed, but they insist on sleeping on ours, until someone tells them to go sleep in their own.




And, err – yes. I agree we do take a tad too many pictures of our cats…!


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Crazy Cat Lady wants a Dog now!

People think I prefer cats to dogs. Actually, I don’t. And, neither do I prefer dogs to cats.

And, Mom will second this, ‘coz she’s had to bear pet rabbits that ate up her garden, AND a horse that I wanted to keep in my room once. Plus, all the dogs we’ve always had – Toto, Tuli, Toffee, Cola, Pixie, Cocoa, Ceasar, and now Candy and Floppy.

I’d got Xena from Friendicoes soon after I’d moved to my barsaati in Noida. She was the cutest little kitten! One of her earliest pictures here.

Gabriel was brought to my house in a little basket with a ribbon tied around its handle, when he was just a few days old. My then maid’s children had found this tiny kitten sitting next to a cat that had died. They knew I had Xena, so they brought this little thing to me too. He was so small that he couldn’t lap milk from a bowl. I’d fed him milk with a syringe for about the next week or so.

Now, he’s a year and a half old, huge, and extremely naughty. G thinks he’s almost human! I think he’s more like a dog than like a cat. Especially how he hears me coming up the stairs to our first floor house, and is standing at the main door mewing for me. And, as soon as I come in, I’m handed a spit-covered chewy toy, which I then proceed to throw around the house, and he proceeds to “fetch”.

Because of this hyper-active kitten, Xena’s started walking (even running sometimes!) again. 🙂 She’d had an accident when she was about 4 months old, which had left her completely paralysed for about ten days with a spinal injury. Even now, she walks with a limp, falls down after a little running, loses her balance very easily, and can’t meow or purr loudly. Thanks to Gabriel, she’s started trying to run again, and she jumps off beds and sofas quite effortlessly, and sometimes even lands on her feet. 🙂

Here are my favourite pictures of the two of them.

Xena and Gabriel.jpg



Now I want a dog too!

G would love a Golden Labrador. And, I’d like a German Shepherd.

Any suggestions?

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Sphinx Deux


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