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So strange!

Apparently, searching for “pooja kumar feet” leads people to this blog.

And so does: “nisha endless fire now video” – whatever that means.


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Blah days

Do you hate that feeling as much? The feeling of wanting to write, but not being able to? Of randomly looking out of the window on the drive to office, and thinking of something that you want to write about, and then not having the time to even think about it again the whole day, let alone writing what you wanted; and then getting back home late evening and trying to think of what it was that had struck you that morning, now that you do have a little time, and finding your mind completely devoid of all ideas? I hate it. I do.

Weekends have been full of work too. And weekdays have been leaving me drained of all ideas, and zilch inclination to sit down and write some more. Most evenings are full of the kind of ennui that I detest.

Having long, tiring days at work are both, good and bad.

The bad days have me doing too many things, and not completing even one, and has my mind flitting between all the different bits of randomness. The day, then, ends with my mind still on overdrive, when I need to turn off the music in the car, or else listen to old Hindi film songs, and lean back with my eyes closed till the time I reach G’s office to pick him up. He’s been having hectic days too. His days even stretching into working from home till 2 a.m. most nights. Long days in office for him means me having to wait in the car below his office till he gets done with work. And then the drive back home, which, mostly, is just about ranting about the day.

Good days at work, of which now there are a few, have me writing – quite a bit. Thinking about each word and its meanings and context make for a fulfilling day, even with the craziness that surrounds.

And, there hasn’t been much that has happened apart from work, but friends there have been many. What better than a nice, chatty dinner with friends at home, after a crazy day at work? Having close friends that live a 5-minute walk away helps, of course. A swim would help too, but what with having a cold and cough a while ago, and then G getting a ear infection, then all the late evenings at work, and the swine flu scare – no swimming has happened for almost two weeks.

This post is turning into something almost morose, but it sure feels good to write. 🙂

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Tweeting Away

So, I’ve been on Twitter for months now, and one of the advantages(??) of the stupid pox is that I have l-o-a-d-s of time on my hands.

Hence, I’ve finally searched for, downloaded and installed TweetDeck, and am formally going to be tweeting regularly now.

So, all those who’d like to “follow” moi, you can search for “3drinksahead” on Twitter.

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Cricket Conversations

She’s sitting in bed, watching the nth rerun of Friends, as he walks in, saying: “Match laga do, please.”

She asks – “What channel does it come on?”

He answers – “Set Max.”

She switches to the channel with the cricket match. There are some Red and Blue uniformed people she sees.

“Who’s playing?”, she asks him.

He gives her a very amused look, almost laughs, and then nods a nod of understanding, ‘cos he knows her so well.

“Royal Challengers Bangalore and Deccan Chargers”, he says, turning back to the TV.

“Deccan Char…?”

“Hyderabad”, he says, before she finishes her question, knowing what she’d be asking.

They watch in silence. For 30 seconds.

“Why were you going to laugh?”, she asks.

“‘Cos, babe, it’s the finals!!”

What was funny, I ask?!

And, yes – that’s how much I don’t like, and don’t follow, cricket.


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Just trying out this post-by-email thing…

I voted. Did you?



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First Day

…at new job.

Wish me luck. 🙂


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…that’s all I seem to be blogging about lately.

So, where have I been?

There was first some business about an out-of-court settlement of a property, which gave us many days and nights of grief and tension. Then, it finally happened, and went surprisingly well.

That very day, G’s dad had a bit of a heart problem. Okay, not just “a bit” of it. He was in the CCU for a few days, and then in the hospital room for another few. Thankfully, my Mom was here the day it happened, and it was detected in time. Err, yeah – she’s a Doctor.

And then there was some pretty unbelievable crap happening at work, which still isn’t all sorted out.

All in all, have had a busy couple of weeks. And, have been promising myself and other people that I shall get back to blogging soon, but it just hadn’t happened. There’s even a tag waiting, and I shall get to that real soon too.

Meanwhile, some new photos up on the photoblog: Janpath Junk, Dilli Sunrise, G, Emptiness, and Silhouetted.

Also, a few pictures of the crazy cats here. This is how my cats sleep. Does anybody else think it incredibly weird and also cute at the same time? And, yes – they do have their own bed, but they insist on sleeping on ours, until someone tells them to go sleep in their own.




And, err – yes. I agree we do take a tad too many pictures of our cats…!


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