My Ace Swimmer

For someone who’d never stepped into a swimming pool ever, G has managed to learn how to swim in just a little over a week.

It all started when we moved into this flat, a year and a half ago, and saw the half-constructed swimming pool. It took a year or so for the pool to be ready for use, and the day we saw the notice that said ‘Membership Open’, we rushed to buy swim suits and goggles, and caps and ear plugs. So, I bought a sporty black and yellow racerback suit, white goggles and cap, and ear plugs. He was to get swimming trunks and goggles for himself, and he didn’t because, like he said, he wasn’t sure if he’ll actually swim or not.



A 4-year old, little boy goes with his parents and older sisters to a big, swanky hotel to meet his cousins who’re visiting from abroad. His parents and the other grownups sit around, sipping tea. While, the older children all run around, playing. The moody little 4-year old sits next to his mum. He sees the other children playing and decides to venture away from the safety of being next to mommy.

The next thing he knows, he’s been pushed into the swimming pool by some boisterous cousin of his. He gasps for breath and madly flails his arms and legs about, till someone jumps in and rescues him. Maybe it took less than a minute for someone to see him in the water, and to jump in and get him out – but, to the 4-year old brain it’s obviously a huge trauma.

And this puts him off swimming for a long, long time.


Cut to April, 2009

G steps into the pool with me, imagines that his asthma is catching up again because he’s feeling short of breath. This is actually because the water’s cold, and he refuses to move. He walks right out, changes, sits by the poolside and waits till I finish my first swim of the season. All the while, I’m thinking how I was right and that the pest I’m married to has to, of course, do all the drama possible.

So anyway, that was the first day.

Second day, we couldn’t go swimming. Both of us got stuck with work in office.

Third day, and I see him jump into the pool even before I’d changed my clothes. And the pest just had to go and prove me wrong by swimming 3/4 of a breadth of the pool within three days. And then to doing ten breadths in a day, within the next 5 days.

I’m the one who’s grown up swimming. My brother and I would live in the club swimming pool in the Summer. So, for about a month before our pool opened here, I was (literally!) jumping up and down in excitement. And now, this pest is more excited than I am – everyday! You should just see him!

And this makes me so happy. And so proud of the pest. 🙂

It also makes me want to smack him – but that’s besides the point.


P.S. – Smack him, why? Well, because I’m down with the stupid pox, and he’s going swimming every evening! hmpph!!!



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3 responses to “My Ace Swimmer

  1. D

    I’m asthmatic too and don’t know swimming either. Have been thinking I need to learn how to float at least. This is a sign for me to sign up for swimming classes finally.

    me: Oh, you should, you should! It’s made G’s asthma much better, and it helps regularise your breathing and increase your lung capacity too.

  2. G

    Hey Sweets,

    Wish you would stop prompting me, subtly or otherwise to comment…especially when I was going to anyways! But then the prompting has its upside too – it gets me to move my lazy butt.

    It did make me finally learn to swim!

    With all your infectious jumpiness, reading the notice board for the announcements, checking the pool out every evening after work to see if it’ll open in time, dragging me off to get you a swimsuit, and being an irritating but patient trainer, as well as all the getting after, how could I not!

    But seriously, it is the most amazing experience to learn to paddle, swim and float on water – and drink some of it while going down!

    And by the way, I’m going to the pool just to keep up with you when you come back.

    There you go, sweetheart – here’s another part of my life which you will be a part of.

    Just keep swimming, baby!

    me: 🙂 🙂 There you go again, making me feel like you aren’t such a pest after all!

  3. LOL! I can soo empathise with what you are going through.

    me: Who did you teach swimming to? 🙂

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