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Chat Stories #1

Met someone from school on Gtalk the other day. The last time I probably talked to her was on the last day of school, which was years ago. I often wonder how mostly all our lives were pretty much similar till we were in school, leaving aside different kinds of families, different ideals, different beliefs, etc. And how life and opportunities (taken or missed) lead one to different places … oh-so-different places!


18:21 me: hi!
d: hiiiii
me: how’ve u been?
18:22 d: gud…..u tel hws life…..
me: great!
where are u?
what you doing?
18:23 d: m in mrt…..doin nothin these days…jus lookin 4 matches…..
me: matches??
18:24 d: ya…..all set 4 marriage…nt gettin d rite match…..
as in match making…..
18:25 me: hmmm…ok…
How very-different places…!

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