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A friend of mine that I chatted with today, after quite a long time, tells me that she loves my blog, that she really loves my blog, and that she really really loves my blog.

And then, she tells me that she’s been published (here – and I really need to find this book in Delhi somewhere), and then I tell her that I’m very jealous of her, and I’m very very jealous of her.

She says that I get published too.

I tell her that hitting the publish button is very different from “getting published”. Also that, my everlasting problem, which is the answer to everything I don’t get done in life, is laziness. Plus, I have a feeling that the fact that my job requires me to write might also be the reason for not feeling like writing after I get done with work.

Meh. :-/

I really should write more.

And, I’ve noticed that there really is no point in making that one of my new year resolutions. Too lazy to keep most of them.

In other news, two of my friends have had babies in the last week-ten days. The first one, a friend from childhood who I used to pretend being Nancy Drew with and solve make-believe mysteries, has had a lovely, lovely daughter.

The second, a friend from college, wanted a daughter, and has had a son – but is very happy (and exhausted). This little baby I’m going to see tomorrow. 🙂

This writing thing is actually quite nice – no?

Makes me feel nice to write. Should do it more.



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So, about six years ago

…I met these two guys – A and M.

It was late afternoon, some time in the middle of a hot Delhi summer. I was at G’s place, who was then slowly becoming best-friend-type material, and this was the second time I was at his house. The other two guys – A and M – were G’s best friends from school. They, apparently, had been told a lot about me – about how I was really nice, and very funny, and how I just “got” stuff that he said, etc. I’d also heard a lot about the two of them.

Apparently, my husband’s love of birthday treats from all and sundry dates back to class 7 or 8 in school. On January 27th that year, he overheard that it was some arbit guy’s birthday – and so, during lunch break, my greedy pig of a husband proceeded to go up to this arbit guy and ask for a “birthday treat”. Of course, that arbit kid was A, and that birthday treat was the “beginning of a beautiful friendship”. (Like in Casablanca)

The first story I heard about M was that he apparently used to sit in his bathroom at home, while he smoked a cigarette and played his guitar. He smoked in the bathroom so his parents wouldn’t find out – even though the bathroom window opened into the driveway, where his Dad would park his car everyday. All I remember thinking about this was – what a very strange story to tell someone about your friends!

So, anyway – I met A & M that day. We sat and talked and drank a very strange brand of Beer. I remember being told details of A’s then romantic interest by all three. I also remember A & M touching one particular wall in the room (many, many times) and insisting that one could feel electric current in said wall. Yes – I touched too. Didn’t feel a thing. (But of course, I always had a strong head for alcohol of all kinds.)

From there, we went to meeting on weekends. I’d go to Connaught Place with the three of them, and they would all sit and play the guitar and sing – outside Wenger’s. I’d sit around, listening. Till, of course, they would start getting requests – from little boys selling chai on the roadside. I remember one particular request – the title song from Dil To Pagal Hai. By then, these guys who played Green Day and Eagles (and even one original composition) had given up on playing in CP.

All of us went for two amazing holidays together too. The first one to Dehradun and Mussoorie, where M joined us midway through the holiday for two days. And the second one to Kanataal, where M didn’t come at all, and A spent the holiday getting sick. They were both fun though!

Eventually, M went to Hyderabad and then Mumbai and became a chef. Err – Sous Chef, actually.

A went to the US of A to study and then stuck on there, and has now bought a house, a car and a set of drums – and if that doesn’t say “settled”, then I don’t know what does. I wish he’d come back though. I really wish he’d sell his house, his car and his drums – and come back to Delhi!

He and I have been through a lot together – on phone calls and all-night chats. Nowadays, of course, he complains that I have no time to talk to him.

M comes and spends a night with us every time he’s in Delhi – and then we all eventually end up calling A, and making him jealous. 🙂

So, here’s an offer – to both of you – come to Delhi together. And the three of you go to C.P. and play your unused guitars again. And take me along. Like a groupie. Oh no no – not a groupie any more. Married to one of the band members. Heh!

And, we’ll all go for a holiday too. Maybe here – it comes highly recommended.


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An Awesome Sunday

…was had this weekend.

The most vella Sunday I have had in a long, loong time.

So, Chandni and The Boy were over. They got their Taboo set. There was lots of beer and Bloody Marys. G has, I must say here, become quite a expert at making Bloody Marys. That is how a good husband should be, I say!

Of course, he would become an even better husband, and so would The Boy, if only both of them would fall in with Chandni’s and my plan! The plan is that they both quit their current jobs and get better-paying ones ASAP (double-paying would be good!). Chandni and I would then stay home and blog – for money!

The quote of the day was by The Boy, who said: “Ah. So you blog, and we slog!”

Amen to that, we say!

P.S.: A lot of food was eaten too. Especially by me. At lunch and dinner. G calls me a hog now. My mother calls me her “darling termite”! The good thing here being that looking at me, you’d never imagine just how much I can eat. 😀 Hah!


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Story of the Bloggers’ Meet

It’s Wednesday already, and I haven’t updated on the Bloggers’ Meet!!

It was fun. And, I got to meet Chandni and The Boy. And, as it turned out, not only do Chandni and I seem to have a lot in common, we also were in college at the same time. G dropped in later. And so did a colleague of mine who’s just started to blog. A very fun time was had by all. 🙂

We missed MM though.  And, Anand, River and TTG.

In other updates: S, my (not-so-) little brother, has jaundice. 😦 And, the poor thing has exams in a week. G is out to Bombay on a work trip. We finally have a very nice girl to work at home. She cooks very well too. I have a very fun weekend planned, including a foodie trip to North Campus. 🙂

Yep. That’s about it.


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Calling all Bloggers in Delhi…

Let’s meet, people!

After all, three out of the four “elite bloggers” still live in Delhi. 😀

What say?

I was thinking – this Sunday, the C.P. Barista/Costa, 3 p.m.?

Leave comments to confirm. Also, put the notice up on your blog too. And, do come. 🙂

It’ll be fun!

And, ooh! I googled “elite bloggers TOI”, and came across one link that I hadn’t at that time.

P.S.: People, please leave comments to confirm if you’re coming. I’ll be talking to Barista/Costa for booking tables, so we all get place to sit. Or else, sms me on: nine eight one zero one four one eight five five.


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Happy New Year!

Hope all of you had a great New Year’s Eve. 🙂
We had an impromptu potluck at home. Was a really nice evening – with close friends, good music, lots to eat and drink, and a cold, clear night on our terrace with a wonderfully warm bonfire.
How was yours?

Oh, and by the way, posting this from my phone. Nice. 🙂


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My Birthday Cakes

There were four of them!

One, G got on his way back from office on the 20th. He was supposed to pick me up from office too. Called me when he was leaving, and then called an hour later and said he was stuck in a horrid jam. Actually, he’d bought the cake, brought it home, hidden it, locked up the house again, thrown the keys back up to the house, and then come to pick me up. And then, there was the surprise at 12 a.m. 🙂


The second cake came from Mom the next afternoon. She came from Meerut with a friend, and they got me an awesome Truffle cake from Wenger’s. 🙂
On 21st evening then, while I was home and stuck in bed with the horrid, horrid cold, two friends from work dropped in, bearing with them a cake from my “Secret Santa” in office. [Thanks again, SS. 😉 ]


And, then, at 11:30 p.m. on the 21st, there came Brat, also known as my younger brother, who came with an out-of-the-world Bitter Chocolate-Lemon cake with him! This came from the pastry shop of the Imperial Hotel (the one on Janpath), and if you ever happen to stop by, please do try this cake. AWESOME! 🙂

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