Living in the suburbs

Last night, there was the loveliest and scariest storm I’ve seen. We live on the fifth floor of a building which is surrounded by almost nothing. Behind the apartments, there are a few houses – but they’re all just two or three storeys high. Behind these houses, there’s just wide open land for acres and acres – and you can see the lit up highway far, far away, after the acres of greenery. So, when there’s a storm, standing in our balcony is just an amazing experience. I guess the wind velocity would be high since there are no obstructions in the way. Last night, a bucket lying in the balcony, flew about with the wind. And in far distance, all you could see was the translucent dust rising up in swirls.


This morning, what woke me up was the cool breeze, and the sounds of peacocks and koels. I opened my eyes to see the plants in my balcony dancing, with the wind.

Such a nice way to start your day, I think. 🙂

Many people ask us why we choose to live in the suburbs, and drive an hour or more, one way, to work everyday.

This is why.



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2 responses to “Living in the suburbs

  1. Goes well with one of my fav lines… “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere”.

  2. D

    Strange how a storm can be beautiful and scary at the same time.

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