Conversation with my hairdresser – every blahdy time!

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So, what is it about hair-dressers all over that makes them want to do stuff to your hair which you most definitely don’t want done.

I’ve had the same conversation with almost every woman or man who has cut my hair in the last few years. And, it goes a little like this…

Me: (Getting hair cut in silence. Maybe browsing through a magazine. Mostly suppressing the crazy urge to make faces at the mirror.)
Hair Dresser: Why don’t you get your hair coloured?
Me: No, thanks.
HD: No, it’ll look nice.
Me: No, it’s okay. I like it all black.
HD: It’s dark brown, actually.
Me: Haan, and I like it the way it is.
HD: Just a few streaks. It’ll look nice.
Me: !!!!! No! I’m okay with it the way it is!
HD: Deep red streaks. Or maybe golden.
Me:: Listen, I don’t want any streaks, okay? Nothing. No colour, thankyouverymuch.
HD: But why, madam?
Me: Because-I-don’t-want-it-and-I-like-my-hair-the-way-it-is!!!!!!

And, no – I don’t have a single gray strand of hair. At least, that might’ve maybe slightly warranted such a conversation. I have straight, reasonably thick, shiny, healthy dark-brown hair. And, I swear – I still need to have this conversation each and every time I go for a haircut. Why, I ask?!

The other thing that has to happen is for the hair-dresser to ask –
HD: Which shampoo-conditioner do you use, madam?
Me: [Insert name of products currently in use]
HD: Hmmm…okay….

And, that’s it. Nothing else – no, good-product, bad-product, don’t-use-this-one, use-that-one-instead advice. Is this some sort of a conversation starter they’re trying out? Are they collecting data for some research? I’d really like to know.

Also, speaking of hair dressers, here’s a nice post about scenes from a beauty parlour.


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One response to “Conversation with my hairdresser – every blahdy time!

  1. Muskan

    It streaks for you, hair-straightening for me. And my response is exactly the same-
    Your blog was the fun highlight of this darn day at work 🙂

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