Random Ramblings

A friend of mine that I chatted with today, after quite a long time, tells me that she loves my blog, that she really loves my blog, and that she really really loves my blog.

And then, she tells me that she’s been published (here – and I really need to find this book in Delhi somewhere), and then I tell her that I’m very jealous of her, and I’m very very jealous of her.

She says that I get published too.

I tell her that hitting the publish button is very different from “getting published”. Also that, my everlasting problem, which is the answer to everything I don’t get done in life, is laziness. Plus, I have a feeling that the fact that my job requires me to write might also be the reason for not feeling like writing after I get done with work.

Meh. :-/

I really should write more.

And, I’ve noticed that there really is no point in making that one of my new year resolutions. Too lazy to keep most of them.

In other news, two of my friends have had babies in the last week-ten days. The first one, a friend from childhood who I used to pretend being Nancy Drew with and solve make-believe mysteries, has had a lovely, lovely daughter.

The second, a friend from college, wanted a daughter, and has had a son – but is very happy (and exhausted). This little baby I’m going to see tomorrow. 🙂

This writing thing is actually quite nice – no?

Makes me feel nice to write. Should do it more.



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2 responses to “Random Ramblings

  1. ajay

    Hi. I just can’t imagine the sheer joy seeing your name on the jacket of a book! Seems like a dream to me. No comparison between hitting the publish button and getting published. If you can, then why not? ‘Get published’ and make your friends envious of you 🙂 Come out of laziness.
    It will be worth it.

  2. As someone who also writes for a living, I totally get you 🙂 Our common friend Vaani led me to your blog…Keep going!!

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