I proclaim today as 90s Music Day

And, since I do, and also since I’m working from home today, I thought I’d post some videos here that I used to love when I was growing up, and yes – the thought that I loved some of these songs does embarrass me (a lot!), but then there’s just so much about the 90s that would embarrass almost everyone, that well – here it is, then.

Now, some of these songs I may be embarrassed about, but some others I still quite like. And, I won’t tell you which ones – I know I’ll be judged! 😀

So, the No.1 romantic Hindi movie of the Nineties – Dil, and Mujhe neend na aaye, chain na aaye… from this movie. I really, really wanted that black satin outfit that Madhuri’s wearing in a part of the song, with a red flower behind her ear – and yes, I am (quite!) ashamed of that.

This song, and the next one, from the same movie.

There was something so nice about building a home out of nothing.

“Chhat pyaar ki,

dil ki zameen,

khwaabon ki hain ye deewaarein…” …or something like that.

This song I remember dancing to – a lot!

And, this song from another Aamir-Madhuri movie. And, can I just say that I thought Aamir looked quite cute in his specy-avatar.

And then, this song from another movie from 1990 – Baaghi, with Salman Khan and Nagma. Used to love the red and white striped sweater that he’s wearing in this song.

And, this one from another Salman Khan movie, this time with Revathi.

And this song – I still really like, by the way.

And – the ultimate Salman Khan movie from the 90s – Maine Pyaar Kiya, the movie that created Prem and Suman.

A little bit of film trivia. In Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, the next Rajshri movie with second avatar of “Prem”, there’s a scene during Pooja’s wedding, when Prem gets a crank call, and the girl on the other end says that her name is Suman, with the soundtrack of Maine Pyaar Kiya playing in the background. See, now would you have known that if it wasn’t for this post? 😀

I also liked this next song, which was a copy of this song.

The original antakshari that we all tried to memorise, so that playing antakshari became so much easier. Yes, cheating wasn’t a big deal for us, obviously.

And then, this and this too, from the same movie.

And, then – hold your breath – this next song, from the movie that had the long-haired poet and his long-haired friend, both in love with the same girl.

And, then this song from Vishwatma, and I love the music that this song starts with.

And, how can you have a list of songs from the 90s, without having Govinda in them, so here’s one with him and Divya Bharti.

Oh, and this murder mystery from the Nineties – Khiladi. The frilly frocks, bright colours, coed-colleges, singing and dancing – how much more Nineties can you get? 😀

And, there are so many more of these absolute classic gems, that I find myself ODing on 90s music, and not doing enough work. (I am supposed to be working from home, you remember?)

So, more of these another time. No, no – don’t worry – there are loads more where these came from! 🙂



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4 responses to “I proclaim today as 90s Music Day

  1. Wow! That’s like you picking out all the exact same ones that I like!

  2. Nitya Karthik

    hey..jumped here from MM’s blog..I love this whole 90’smusic thing happening here…soo good to know that there we are all sailing in the same boat as far as these songs go..and uh as for that bit of trivia abt HAHK,..I knew abt it…it was one of my major LOL moments in the movie.


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