Films and Me

Arth,_1982_film Bazaar_1982_film_poster Namak_Halaal_1982_film_poster Zamane_Ko_Dikhana_Hai AngoorDVDCover


Arth, Bazaar, Namak Halaal, Zamaane Ko Dhikhana Hai, and Angoor – don’t they all seem to be from quite a long time ago?

They don’t anymore, after you realise that they released in the year that you were born in. Or, they actually (truthfully) do, but you don’t want them to.

But, on the upside, what wonderful movies were made the year I was born!

During my summer hols in school, I’d spend about a month in D’doon with my Naani, and I remember sleeping till noon and feeling too lazy to bathe, and experiencing a sense of kinship with the brothers in Satte Pe Satta. Incidentally, that released the year I was born too.


Oh, and – the one I am proud-est of! Mithun-da’s magnum opus. Yes – I too am a Disco Dancer!




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  1. Hey ! Nice blog, and love the vibe of thespaceyou have created. Will stop by more often 🙂

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