Happy Women’s Day

…to all of you women, and to all the men so they can be thankful for the all the women in their lives.

What would you all do without us, no? And, just so this doesn’t sound sexist, we’d be incomplete without you all too. 🙂

If I’d to be thankful to only one woman, though – that would be my best friend and my Mom. Going by what Nancy Friday and Simone de Beauvoir say, I have only mostly you to thank for me being the woman I am, Ma. 🙂

For all of you who live in the NCR, please do go and get your hands on today’s TOI, and turn to Page 17. And, yes – drumroll please – that is my Mom’s article on the bottom left of the page.

For all those who can’t get the Delhi edition, here it is:

(Click picture to enlarge)

Mom's Article



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7 responses to “Happy Women’s Day

  1. how bout putting a hi-res pic? I can’t read a word in the article 😦

  2. arey flyegye12 double click…and zoom in. it reads really sweet aanchal.

  3. Seema Tyagi

    I am truly proud to see the “woman” you have grown into, Aanchal..My little girl.. then looking to me for guidance , now being my guide. And philosopher. And mostly – FRIEND:)

  4. hey…
    dats so….sweet of you to dedicate a post of yours for women..

    frst time to ur blog..

    would come back again to know more of you..

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