Faulty Font

Does anyone else have a font that you can’t write in? Can’t. Cannot. Not at all! And it isn’t even a weird, curly, curvy font like Algerian, or Blackadder, or even a Gigi or a Vivaldi. What I hate – and I know that’s a strong word, but I still do, I hate it – is Times New Roman.

There’s something about the serif-ness of it, and the blocky-ness too, that just closes up my mind and refuses to let me write, or think. And it’s amazing how much it succeeds in making me cringe!

So, is it just me, or does everyone have a font that they hate?



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6 responses to “Faulty Font

  1. I don’t like Times New Roman either, but I think it’s more habit than anything else – I remember there was a time – when I first started using computers – when I found Times New Roman okay.

  2. It’s amazing how many ppl hate that poor Font. Me included.

  3. God…this is freaky I thought it was just me…I can only ” think” in Arial 11 and gag when editors ask for something in Times New Roman 12..i get around by writing the way I do and looking away when I change the font of the final document..isnt it the ugliest thing ever?!!!

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