Is it possible…

…for a sibling to be a part of your heart?

It is, isn’t it? Because that’s the only person who’s shared your childhood with you, in every way. And you’re bound together not just by blood, but by memories of the most everlasting kind.

Maybe it gets stronger if you’re the older sibling, and the not-so-little-anymore brother is the youngest in the family, and the apple of everyone’s eyes.

Our Brat had a horrid, horrid accident on Dusshera night last year, and it was the kind of night none of us ever, ever want to spend again. Even the thought of it sends a shiver down one’s spine. It was also the kind of night that made you believe in the goodness of strangers. And in the benefits of a seatbelt.

He was in bed for two months after the accident, and went back to work towards the end of December.

That one night, and all the other scrapes he’s gotten into (and gotten us into), will probably always make us think the worst, fear the worst. And it isn’t fair. To him, and to us.

So, sorry Brat – for freaking out again last night. Love you. 🙂

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4 responses to “Is it possible…

  1. Seema Tyagi

    Yes its unfair to Brat. and to us.. his “Faimly”.. who is as much part of his heart as he is of ours. He is sensitive enough and smart enough to realise that the memories of that night may fade from our minds with time, but will never fade from our hearts. He has to live with that. and with the regular “freaking out” we WILL do– time and again:)

    We love you Brat. Deeply. You happen to be the core of all our lives.

    I am sorry too. Just please bear with us all. and learn to force yourself to deal accordingly with one crazed-with-worry mom, one demented-with-tension sister, one harrased brother, and one worried father. Not to forget a harried naani!!! Live with it, Brat. And stop feeling guilty Aanchal:)

    Just please keep us informed about your how-abouts, why-abouts, what-abouts and where-abouts. with regular updates:)

  2. awww… sweet post and 100% true about the sibling thing.

    I remember a awfully funny video with him and a dolly in a hospital bed… 🙂

  3. i can just imagine what you all must have gone through.
    I guess he’ll have to learn to deal with an overly anxious family for a while.
    Take care, all of you. God is great, and jaako raakhe saaiyaan, maar sakey na koi.

  4. awwh..its really sad.

    hope evrything is fine nw..i dont know why but i cant be friends with my sis..we are just two poles apart..i ahv tried hard but all in vain..

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