Is anyone looking for a pup to adopt?


As you can see, he’s very cute, honey-coloured, plump and very naughty! He’s less than a month old, and has only milk and soft bread. Very healthy, with a clean coat of hair. And, he’s going to the Vet tomorrow morning for a check-up to rule out any possible infections.

He was found on the main Dadri Road in Noida late last night, and had gotten separated from his mother and siblings.

He isn’t a fancy breed, but he’s intelligent and extremely curious about everything. He doesn’t come with a pedigree, but he does have a lot of love and licks to give.

And, he’s looking for a home where he’ll be happy and loved. Whether it’s a home with retired people looking for loving company, or little kids looking for a best friend, this little doggy will fit right in!

We don’t want to send him to an animal NGO since there are a lot of unwell animals there, and this healthy and happy little thing might pick up infections there, and his chances of survival will be lesser because he’s so tiny still.

Please contact Namita or Ashish, (or me and G) at either of the following numbers for more info, or in case you’d like to meet him:
Namita – 97113 08127
Ashish – 98738 31428


And, since he really, really needs a home very desperately, I think I shall tempt you just a little bit more.


Playing with a ball



Sleeping comfortably. Yes, he’s that tiny!


And, here’s video of the little thing, for further temptation:



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6 responses to “Is anyone looking for a pup to adopt?

  1. The pictures are just adorable!!!! He must have been separated from his mother because some child picked him up to play with and then left him when he was bored… or when his parents refused to accept him! I blogged about this too.

    I hope he finds a loving home!! I agree Animal Shelters are not a good idea.

  2. Anmol

    Awwwwww…. the puppy is soo lovely.
    I have emailed all my delhi friends who want to adopt this little thing. Hes just to doorbell 😀

  3. He is adorable! Did he find a home?

    me: Yes, yes – he found a lovely, happy home. He’s been called Spaceman Spiff. 🙂
    How’re you feeling?

  4. god, he’s CUTE! but unfortunately im not looking for a dog….nor do i know of anyone around delhi who is…

  5. just read the comment above.. so glad Spaceman Spiff found a home!!

  6. Sue

    Dude, ‘sup? Isn’t it about time you wrote a line or two?

    Happy new year and may it bring you luck.


    me: Yep, I know! But am quick at publishing comments – no? 😀

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