Just saw an ad in the paper for a Nursery School called Kidzee.

First of all, what kinda name is that??! Kid-ZEE?? Really? Why? What does it mean?! Does it even mean anything?

Second – the USP of this strangely named kindergarten school seems to be that they “grow your unique child”. Yes, they do. That’s their tagline – “Kidzee. Growing your unique child.”




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6 responses to “Huhn??

  1. Sounds like something to do with Zee TV, no?
    What Angrezi will they manage to teach my unique child, I wonder!

  2. D

    Yes, it has everything to do with the group that owns Zee TV which is why it’s Kidzee.

    For the rest, there’s no explanation at all except poor grammar!

  3. we have kidzee here too.. never bothered to read thier tag line though..and after having read that, there is no way im ever sending any kid of mine there!

  4. HappyMonkey

    Kid-Zee is a well thought out name. It’s part of our purple cow strategy. You noticed it didn’t you?

    As far as the tag line goes, a couple of biochip implants here and there and voila! your child’s all grown up plus for an extra fee we’ll add x-ray vision.

    -Kid-Zee Management

  5. Um yeah – tagline conjures images of planting kid-seeds to grow ’em to order. Kids to order. Wow.

  6. as if kids in other schools dont grow lol……..

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