Is it true, what they say?! That a couple starts thinking and looking alike after being together for some time?

We have two bathrooms at home – one attached to our bedroom, and the second attached to G’s dad’s room. Now, we both leave for office together every morning, so there’s always a rush to get ready, and bathrooms, thus, are a precious commodity. And so, I use the one next to our room, and G uses the other one.

This morning, I debated between wearing either a black dress or a sari to office. But not being able to decide on the shoes to wear with the dress, and not having the time for a sari after spending (a lot of) time on the ‘shoe problem’ – I eventually ended up putting on a black cotton button-down shirt and blue jeans.

And as I stand in front of the mirror, putting on eye-liner, my pest of a husband walks in to the room. I see him from the corner of my eye and turn around in shock.

He’s wearing a black cotton button-down shirt and blue jeans!!



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5 responses to “OMG!

  1. 😀

    yup, true….i think.

    me: Scary too! This is supposed to happen (if at all) after, like 30 years of being together. It’s been just 7 yet!

  2. mansi

    haha funny stuff. but unless he was thinking about wearing a sari too, i think you’re ok.

    me: It’s still scary enough, though. Of course, I made him change his shirt finally… 😀

  3. Hey I thought you were recuperating from chickenpox, out of Delhi?

    me: I’m back, I’m back! All de-poxed, too. Only, got back to lots and lots of work waiting for me in office – so have had no time to blog about being back. 🙂

  4. Landed first time on your blog (don’t ask me how, forget the link-link). OMG…that’s happened to me too and we’ve been married for couple of years now!!!

  5. yeah..its so true….

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