Unbelievable stupidity!

You have to read this.

I really, really have no words left. Really.

I’d really like to know what this guy has been smoking. Whatever it is, pliss to stay away from it, y’all.



Filed under rants, social issues

4 responses to “Unbelievable stupidity!

  1. aniche

    wow, that moron sounds like such a swell guy!

  2. What I find even more sad than the post itself is the barrage of compliments it got! But aah, why are we surprised? Riots couldn’t happen if there weren’t people who felt this way!

    me: Oh, you should read the chain of comments now. 😀

  3. SMM

    Oh my gawd what a loser…what crap has he written? Some one ought to report him for abuse and for spreading communalistic feelings. His post is an excellent reason why BJP is not in power today

    me: I agree. Though, isn’t this what makes a democracy the best system – that even idiots can speak their mind?

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