The Varicella virus

…causes Chickenpox.

And, that’s exactly what it has caused, in me.

Yes, so after that whole spate of illnesses and hospital visits, I’m now down with Chickenpox.

About a couple of weeks back, when G had the pox-of-the-poultry-family, I got a very (very, very!) mild, atypical form of this, and now it seems to have caught up with me, and has (literally!) bitten me in the butt. Literally, ‘cos yes – I have red spots on my butt, as I do on every frikkin’ sq.inch of my body.

Red spots. Red, itchy spots. Red, itchy, fluid-filled spots!


Yes, I know you’re all grossed out now. So am I!

I’m stuck at home. I’ve to take yet more leave from work. I’m all itchy! I do NOT want scars! I’m bored. And irritable!



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