Cricket Conversations

She’s sitting in bed, watching the nth rerun of Friends, as he walks in, saying: “Match laga do, please.”

She asks – “What channel does it come on?”

He answers – “Set Max.”

She switches to the channel with the cricket match. There are some Red and Blue uniformed people she sees.

“Who’s playing?”, she asks him.

He gives her a very amused look, almost laughs, and then nods a nod of understanding, ‘cos he knows her so well.

“Royal Challengers Bangalore and Deccan Chargers”, he says, turning back to the TV.

“Deccan Char…?”

“Hyderabad”, he says, before she finishes her question, knowing what she’d be asking.

They watch in silence. For 30 seconds.

“Why were you going to laugh?”, she asks.

“‘Cos, babe, it’s the finals!!”

What was funny, I ask?!

And, yes – that’s how much I don’t like, and don’t follow, cricket.



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2 responses to “Cricket Conversations

  1. *nods* yep. thats me.
    i plan to kill myself if my son plays cricket seriously. kindly ensure you’re around to tell the cops what happened.

    me: LOL! 😀
    No, but really – I don’t get it. What is it with this hysteria about 22 grown men running around a ball?

  2. This is sacrilege! BTW I follow soccer too and am an Arsenal fan.

    me: Yay! Now please invite my husband to your place to watch sports, then I’ll finally have the TV to myself. 😀

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