The Art of being Sickly

1. G’s dad had a complicated second bypass surgery.
2. G has a bad asthma attack, combined with a pneumonic patch on the lung – which puts him in the ICU.
3. G gets chickenpox. So does our live-in maid. Both are shipped off to Meerut to recover, while I run between office and home, while cooking and cleaning and looking for a part-timer to look after some of the work at home till our maid recovers.
4. I leave early from office today, feeling slightly feverish, with a sore throat and a few red spots. Have spent the rest of the day in bed. The spots don’t seem to be growing, and I’m hoping it isn’t chickenpox.



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6 responses to “The Art of being Sickly

  1. Tut, tut. Better go to the airport and get yourself checked for The Latest Media-Hyped Non-Disease!

    Get well soon, though.

  2. G ??

    God bless him/her…..I came with a funny mood !!

    me: My husband. 🙂

  3. I know a few Tantriks who are pretty good at Jhada and Buri Nazar and the works… need their contacts?

    On a more serious note… try and get your place fumigated once before the monsoon sets in.

    me: Oh yeah – need to do that. Also need a vacation now!

  4. D

    Isn’t chicken pox of those things you’re supposed to get once in your life? Did you get them as a kid? Not usual if you say ‘No’, ’cause I didn’t either!

    me: No, hadn’t. 😦
    In fact, when my brother and I were kids, our Mom used to take us to all those other kids’ homes who had chickenpox, hoping that we’d get it too and be over with it forever. 😛
    The idiots that we are, we never got it then!

  5. Eeeks! Your poor family.
    I hope you are alright now, and that all are recovering well.

    me: Yep, all good now. Had such a crazy spate of beemaaris lately! Need a holiday now. 🙂
    How’s your father doing? I hope he’s reading already?

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