Aanchal needs…

So, a friend tagged me on Facebook to google “my name+needs”…and here’s what I need…apparently:

Aanchal needs to give a lot of attention to Sid.

Aanchal needs to say Sidhartji less.

Aanchal needs to be fed some sense into her mind.

Aanchal needs to work on pronunciation.

And, what ‘d like to know is what Dipali, Parul, IHM and Unmana need. I’d also really like to know who the hell is Sid, and why I need some sense – I’m happy the way I am! And my pronunciation is also fine, thankyouverymuch!



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7 responses to “Aanchal needs…

  1. How many needs?

    me: However many Google shows you. Just google “Dipali needs” and see. 😀

  2. whos Sid? why do u need more sense – where wd you keep the extra stuff, ur head already appears to be fullto the brim re

  3. I am not getting anything. Guess my name is not compatible with needs. Or google. Or both.

  4. SMM

    Hey I came over Chandu’s blog. Read some of your older posts.Nice fun. Blogrolling you.

  5. Hey, I just read on IHM’s blog that you were mentioned in the Deccan Herald. Congrats!

  6. Congrats from me too … :)) Loved your header in that article!And here it is on your sidebar!!

    And what does IHM need?

    One Sid asked me what would happen to PCC kind of ‘errant girls’ if their fathers and brothers did not sometimes hit them. IHM needs to count till ten after reading and deleting such comments.

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