More news on the Pink Chaddi campaign

TOI had a front page story on the same, and then another one on Page 13. I got two calls from an NDTV journalist yesterday, and directed her to Nisha Susan, who’ll numbers you’ll find in the comments section of the last post. You could also hop over to the Pink Chaddi blog for addresses of the delivery points.



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5 responses to “More news on the Pink Chaddi campaign

  1. 🙂 Its pink chaddi all over the blogosphere..I am afraid that majoriy will not get the spirit of this campaign and will try to sideline it as ‘urben women’s issue’..Nevermind,atleast a few are listening..

  2. 🙂 there is no space in blogosphere where pink chaddi is left out..I hope this reaches the intented mass…

  3. I am so pleased with campaign, they made us see some hope at the bleakest point in modern Indian women’s history …

  4. 500 Burnt Bras will be sent to Union Minister of Women, Renuka Choudhury and its radical feminist friends on 14th Feburary by Save Indian Family Foundation(SIFF) for their “Family Breaking” and anti-national activities.

    These radical feminists are accused of legal terrorism by promoting misuse of dowry laws and arresting/jailing more than 1,23,000 women without investigation in last 4 years.

    They are also accused of “moral policing” to deny freedom of any mother to communicate with her son once her gets married and forcing married men to throw their widowed mother to street.

  5. I hope that the message we are trying to convey here goes out to the concerned people…
    that this movement actually makes a difference….

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