…that’s all I seem to be blogging about lately.

So, where have I been?

There was first some business about an out-of-court settlement of a property, which gave us many days and nights of grief and tension. Then, it finally happened, and went surprisingly well.

That very day, G’s dad had a bit of a heart problem. Okay, not just “a bit” of it. He was in the CCU for a few days, and then in the hospital room for another few. Thankfully, my Mom was here the day it happened, and it was detected in time. Err, yeah – she’s a Doctor.

And then there was some pretty unbelievable crap happening at work, which still isn’t all sorted out.

All in all, have had a busy couple of weeks. And, have been promising myself and other people that I shall get back to blogging soon, but it just hadn’t happened. There’s even a tag waiting, and I shall get to that real soon too.

Meanwhile, some new photos up on the photoblog: Janpath Junk, Dilli Sunrise, G, Emptiness, and Silhouetted.

Also, a few pictures of the crazy cats here. This is how my cats sleep. Does anybody else think it incredibly weird and also cute at the same time? And, yes – they do have their own bed, but they insist on sleeping on ours, until someone tells them to go sleep in their own.




And, err – yes. I agree we do take a tad too many pictures of our cats…!



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10 responses to “Updates

  1. Oh those are UNBELIEVABLY cute!! I feel like saving them to my hard drive! Are your cats pedigreed?

  2. Do you have comment moderation enabled or something? I’ll repeat my comment just in case it disappeared: Unbelievably cute kittehs – feel like stealing their pics – are they pedigreed?

    me: Yep. First-time comment moderation.
    And, thanks. 🙂
    Nope. Not pedigreed. Had got Xena from Friendicoes, and Gabriel was brought by two little kids I knew who found this 10 day old kitten lying next to a cat that had died in their school. So these kids had picked up the kitten and brought him to me. 🙂
    They live indoors and are so domesticated now that they behave like dogs. Gabriel even rushes to me and jumps all over me licking and wagging his tail when I walk in to the house. Oh, and they also “fetch” squeaky toys that I throw for them. 🙂

  3. They aren’t pedigreed cats! And I love cats! I used to have a lot of pictures of Manohar, my cat, when he was around. Bravo!

    me: Send me some. 🙂

  4. D

    Adorable! And coming from a dog lover, that should be something 🙂

    me: 🙂 And, I love dogs too. And horses. And squirrels. All animals, actually.

  5. awwww!!! they are so so so adorably cute! i love the pics…esp the ones of them cuddling together…and yes, Gabriel in his ‘pose’ 😀
    btw, there’s something about Gabriel that reminds me of Puss in Boots (the one with the Antonio Banderas voice of course!)

    me: He reminds you of Puss in Boots too??? That’s fantastic! 😀 ‘Coz that’s what I keep telling G too!! And I really wouldn’t be too surprised if one day he looks up from licking himself, and says, “For you, baby – I could be…” 😀

  6. Lovely cats. Hope G’s dad is doing well now.
    How’s his sister now?

    me: 🙂 He’s better now. A heart procedure is due soon though. His sister’s doing okay too – just been through many cycles of chemo and radiation therapy.

  7. I think they are just lovely cuddled up…I am always correcting people who mention that cats cant share their personal space..we used to cat-sit Pesho’s (my cat’s )brother and they were the best of friends.

  8. chutneysoul


    after that nudge from you…i’m back to blogging! 😀

    but this time i also decided to be a lil’ ambitious and have a more personalized avatar. so now i have a wordpress blog too! hopefully, i’ll be more diligent this time 🙂


  9. came back to your blog after pretty long ..i hope G’s dad is better now…

    im not much of a cat person myself..for some reason i prefer dogs to cats..but your cats are c-u-t-e!!!

    dint know u started a photoblog…will hope over there soon!:)

    me: Yes, he’s better. And, I love most animals. I’ve had dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish – and a horse for a short while too (it adopted me). 🙂

    Hope you visited the photoblog. 🙂

  10. of course I remember the critters!! if you check the comments Ive been admiring your babies for a while…

    me: Oh yeah! You have. Got carried away with the cuteness of Pesho. 😀

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