Random Update

So, I had no work in office all day, and just when I thought I should probably go home a little early today – work struck!

Why I needed to go home early? Two reasons:

  1. To finish reading eM‘s new book. It starts really well, and I’m not even halfway through, and am hooked – and now I have no time to read it. Yes, yes – went for the book launch party too. Ooh, and met Teleute at the party, who I’ve been reading since a long, l-o-n-g time. Happiness. 🙂
  2. Because I have a chairdrobe in my room, and if I don’t do something about it, I will need to graduate to a floordrobe soon. (How I love Urban Dictionary!)


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5 responses to “Random Update

  1. when i first chanced upon ur blog, there were like 2 million readers…why have they abandoned u? just because u lost gmail pw for some time?

    me: 2 million readers?? Me??? 😀
    When?? *hits forhead with frustration* Don’t tell me I missed it!!

  2. Fantastic word! I have a bedrobe along with one chairdrobe. And amazingly an actual bath-robe too!

    me: 😀 Don’t you just love the Urban Dictionary!

  3. D

    Please do tell how eM’s book goes. I have too many unread books right now to pick up another one, but I’m really curious! I think book and film critics are rather biased, but I just read this awful review of the book in a mag and can’t believe eM could write so bad!

    me: Book reads quite well. But then, she always wrote well. 🙂 Pick this one up after you’re done reading your current pile of books.
    You Are Here, though, makes me really curious to read eM’s next.

  4. Meena Vathyam

    Hey nice to have found ur blog ! Chairdrobe — I love that word! and DH thinks I am the only one who has one ! Added u to my blogroll…so will be back 🙂

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