It’s back, it’s back!

So, okay – my computer’s back! After about… err… a year…! And I am extremely excited. So excited that I have done nothing all day except check mail, facebook, download software, install software, check mail, facebook, try to set up a network to connect all the computers in the house, play games, check mail, facebook, and then facebook some more.

Oh, also – the last post was the 200th on the blog.

In other updates, am still waiting for Google to sort out my account and give it back to me. I just realised something else – I don’t even have any of my shaadi photos(gasp!) – they’re all on my Picasa album. 😦



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2 responses to “It’s back, it’s back!

  1. write to these google idiots daily. its been ages since I applied for an AdSense account for my website and I’m still waiting. it seems they are too small for their own shoes now 😦

  2. Great, but where have you been posting from! Mini-Congrats0@ 200!

    me: Thanks. 🙂
    Got my blog on WordPress, na!

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