So, about six years ago

…I met these two guys – A and M.

It was late afternoon, some time in the middle of a hot Delhi summer. I was at G’s place, who was then slowly becoming best-friend-type material, and this was the second time I was at his house. The other two guys – A and M – were G’s best friends from school. They, apparently, had been told a lot about me – about how I was really nice, and very funny, and how I just “got” stuff that he said, etc. I’d also heard a lot about the two of them.

Apparently, my husband’s love of birthday treats from all and sundry dates back to class 7 or 8 in school. On January 27th that year, he overheard that it was some arbit guy’s birthday – and so, during lunch break, my greedy pig of a husband proceeded to go up to this arbit guy and ask for a “birthday treat”. Of course, that arbit kid was A, and that birthday treat was the “beginning of a beautiful friendship”. (Like in Casablanca)

The first story I heard about M was that he apparently used to sit in his bathroom at home, while he smoked a cigarette and played his guitar. He smoked in the bathroom so his parents wouldn’t find out – even though the bathroom window opened into the driveway, where his Dad would park his car everyday. All I remember thinking about this was – what a very strange story to tell someone about your friends!

So, anyway – I met A & M that day. We sat and talked and drank a very strange brand of Beer. I remember being told details of A’s then romantic interest by all three. I also remember A & M touching one particular wall in the room (many, many times) and insisting that one could feel electric current in said wall. Yes – I touched too. Didn’t feel a thing. (But of course, I always had a strong head for alcohol of all kinds.)

From there, we went to meeting on weekends. I’d go to Connaught Place with the three of them, and they would all sit and play the guitar and sing – outside Wenger’s. I’d sit around, listening. Till, of course, they would start getting requests – from little boys selling chai on the roadside. I remember one particular request – the title song from Dil To Pagal Hai. By then, these guys who played Green Day and Eagles (and even one original composition) had given up on playing in CP.

All of us went for two amazing holidays together too. The first one to Dehradun and Mussoorie, where M joined us midway through the holiday for two days. And the second one to Kanataal, where M didn’t come at all, and A spent the holiday getting sick. They were both fun though!

Eventually, M went to Hyderabad and then Mumbai and became a chef. Err – Sous Chef, actually.

A went to the US of A to study and then stuck on there, and has now bought a house, a car and a set of drums – and if that doesn’t say “settled”, then I don’t know what does. I wish he’d come back though. I really wish he’d sell his house, his car and his drums – and come back to Delhi!

He and I have been through a lot together – on phone calls and all-night chats. Nowadays, of course, he complains that I have no time to talk to him.

M comes and spends a night with us every time he’s in Delhi – and then we all eventually end up calling A, and making him jealous. 🙂

So, here’s an offer – to both of you – come to Delhi together. And the three of you go to C.P. and play your unused guitars again. And take me along. Like a groupie. Oh no no – not a groupie any more. Married to one of the band members. Heh!

And, we’ll all go for a holiday too. Maybe here – it comes highly recommended.



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3 responses to “So, about six years ago

  1. Crazy AWESOMENESS I tellya !!
    and the wall WAS ELECTRIFIED!!!!!
    Ask M! He knows! !

    I miss you folks 😦

    it’s been all those years??? 😮
    Damn we’re old people!

  2. Sweet 🙂

    me: 🙂

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