Living alone again

It’s been almost a year and a half since I lived alone last. I did that for about six years, and used to quite enjoy it actually. And then G and I got married, and I got used to living with him. So used to living with him that I don’t know what to do with myself when he’s not here.

He left for London today. Will be back in ten days.

I’m already bored.

Especially because I couldn’t get to office today. Because of the Gujjar agitation and the NCR bandh.
So I stayed home but did office work mostly, watched the news like an insane person to see if roads were still blocked, did some more office work, took a nap, more work, watched TV, dinner, still more TV, and now back to work again. And I haven’t watched THIS MUCH television in the last two years!

Now I’m thinking, is it a good thing that I’m so used to G that I’m this bored without him, or is it really bad to be at such a loss for what to do when he’s not here, and it’s just only been a day since he left?

Tomorrow should hopefully be better because I’ll be in office mostly. But then again, who will I call everytime I want to tell a funny story, or talk about something that just happened, or something someone just said, or everytime I want to bitch about someone, or everytime I’m trying to think of a song I like but can’t remember the words to? So, yeah – I shall be missing him. That’s what I’m gonna be doing for the next ten days.

And. I REALLY need to start liking living alone again. Especially since this time it isn’t in a one room barsaati, instead it’s a nice pretty house. And this time there is our maid, who cooks really well and makes sure the house is nice and pretty.

I think I’m missing G so much because I know there are another 10 days to go. *Sigh*



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6 responses to “Living alone again

  1. I have a MONTH to go for well, non-husband to get back. A MONTH! And I’m getting irritated with myself for missing him because it sounds so dependent and pathetic and miserable. Really need to find more constructive means to while evenings away. Luck to you too.

    me: Thank you. 🙂 We really do need to find better ways to while evenings away! TV is such a bad option. Since there’s almost nothing worth watching. Especially on weekends. And if, like me, you don’t drive, then there’s hardly anyone you can go meet either. 😦

  2. dipali

    Awww. This too shall pass.
    I’m sure G is desperately missing you too. Hugs.

    me: 🙂 Thanks.

  3. G

    Hi Dearest….I am missing you…no doubt…and am worried leaving u in the house alone…and realising that even though we have been seeing each other only abt 3 hrs in a day while I was there….even those 3 hours are better than this…but this will not last too long…good thing is Di’s doing well despite the chemo..going with me for walks…and actually making me feel how out of shape I have become…she’s one enthu cutlet…and is pumped up on us being there..
    In fact she doesn’t sound like shes going thru with the cycles at all…touch wood…she’s got her own Patronus getting her thru this….

    Luv U…

    Oh…and Thanks Dipali for backing me up 🙂

    me: Miss you even more now, baby. And yeah – now that you put it like this – we HAVE to do something about spending just 3 hours with each other everyday! Good didi’s doing well. Good you went. 🙂
    Love you too.

  4. dipali

    Hope G’s Di makes a good recovery. She sounds so amazingly upbeat. All the very best to her.

    me: Thanks! Will pass on your wishes. 🙂 Hugs.

  5. awwwwwwwww

    The sad post, even after I lent the Boy to entertain you one evening?? 😀

    actually both of u entertaining each other while the other halves are away…quite cute.

    Don’t worry. Ask your maid to cook good food like she always does and call us over. Or come and stay with us!

    And G: hey! Get me some gifts back. I know we get everything in India, but its just nicer when people buy stuff abroad 😀

    me: Well. The Boy and I sat drinking at Geoffrey’s (where the AC wasn’t working even!) that evening, talking about how empty our respective houses feel with you and G not here. So, yeah – loads of fun we had! 😛
    Come over any night. How does tomorrow sound?

  6. you know the boy’s timings 😦

    will ask him anyway aby tomorrow…aaj to nahi ho paayega…

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