Three years plus

That’s how old this blog is. I never did a first and second blog birthday post, and had vowed that I would this year! And, then I missed it. Again. And that is how you get bad blog karma.

Read MM’s 1000th post and asked myself: Hey, how many have I done?

The answer, my friends, is 186.


In three years!!

And, then I thought: Hey, wasn’t the blog birthday just around the corner sometime back?

Well, yes – it was. The blog’s third birthday was on the 12th of May. I did this post that day, but of course, completely forgot that it had been three years and all that.

Anyway, like they say, late is better than never. So, Happy Birthday dear blog. You’ve given me a lot … a lot of chances to clear my head when nothing makes sense till I blog about it, and then suddenly it does … a lot of friends, absolutely amazing, lovely people who I would’ve never known if it wasn’t for you …

For all this, and more, I love you.



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3 responses to “Three years plus

  1. dipali

    Big Happies, Blog ji.

    me: Thank you ji. 🙂

  2. uffff…. itna self importance uchit nahi hai

    me: huhn??

  3. 186 is a lot, but does it matter so much as opposed to keepin the blog going for three years?

    me: Thanks, Anil. 🙂 But, that’s the thing – I so wish I had the time to write more. And I wish it every single day.

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