Day Two in Alleppey

Spent the day recce-ing locations for the shoot, which took me to villages around Alleppey. Kerala’s like a dream. Any landscape you lay your eyes on looks like something an artist has painted. The bright blue sky, the fresh green of the grass and the crops, the coconut and banana trees, and the lagoons with their sand bars. Too beautiful to be true. (Will be uploading pictures soon.)

Oh, and the food here is awesome. Had lunch at a Malayali Dhaaba on the roadside on our way back from one of the villages. And did I have an unbelievable quantity of rice!! 😀

Oh, and – got the luggage back. 🙂



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4 responses to “Day Two in Alleppey

  1. dipali

    Kerala is just so beautiful. Alleppey has a lovely rough sea- a little paddling, perhaps. And Mallu food is awesome-enjoy:)
    Glad to know your luggage made it!

    me: Do you know my hotel is just 3 kms from the beach – and I STILL haven’t been! Haven’t had the time to. 😦

  2. what is this “Malayali – Dhaaba” you speak of? [:o]

    A most bizarre combination of terms!

    and congrats on getting the luggage back 😀

  3. matlab u’re supposed to be working 😉

    Do get nack lotsa pictures and don’t forget my tapioca chips ( BIG packet) ok?


    Now I shall go call ur husband over for dinner. We planned to meet on sunday and then got lazy 😀

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