Any bloggers in God’s Own Country?

…’coz that’s where I am.


In Kerala! 🙂

In Alleppey.

On work.

So all of you can refrain from imagining me lying on beaches, soaking up the sun and getting the massages that Kerala is famous for. Oh, no, no … imagine me like that, imagine me like that! What a nice thought! So what if I know that I will have no time to go lie on a beach? Technicality!

I will try to update regularly.

Oh, today’s update I’m in Kerala. But my luggage isn’t. I was booked on a flight that went from Delhi to Hyderabad, and then changed the flight number (“for security reaons”, they told me) and came from Hyderaad to Cochin. The airlines decided to take my luggage to Bombay though, and I’m sure they had their own goo reasons for doing so – but all I’d like to say is that I do not appreciate my luggage being separated from me, and I am not sorry about the amount I shouted at the women at the airline counter at Cochin airport. So, anyway – the current wherabouts of my luggage I am not too sure about, but I am told that it has been sent back to Hyderabad, from where it will be taking the same flight tomorrow as I did today. In this, I am only glad that my luggage will not have to go through the ice cold stoopid burgers that I was served on the flight today.

So, basically – the whole day was spent at the airport. Work starts tomorrow. Have borrowed someone’s laptop for tonight. Shall be updating from my phone now (if at all!).

See ya’ll! 🙂



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2 responses to “Any bloggers in God’s Own Country?

  1. holaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
    Enjoy da Kerala!

    it’s freakin sweet :o)
    Will have to touch that too once am there.

    Oh hey..
    here’s a confession –
    I never once had a bad experience with any airline myself (tuchwud)
    but still.. have become quite adept at cursing the buggers … courtesy – everyone else’s experiences 😉

    So am trained !

    and love the header pic by the way 😀

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