Pretty, ain’t it?

There was a tag going around some time back with people putting up pictures of their homes. I remember seeing Dipali’s two posts and Kiran’s post – with pictures of their beautiful homes.

Since I’ve finally gotten around to taking pictures of our new place, am taking up this tag too.

My book shelf, G’s guitar, and one of the drawing room windows.

That’s the cooler in the drawing room on the left. The smell of the khus pads in the cooler reminds me of childhood and summer holidays and lying in front of the cooler all afternoon with a book.

The vertical shelf that you can see through the leaves used to be a horizontal shoe rack. I got it polished and stood it up straight, and I think it looks quite nice now.

Those little chairs are actually not so comfortable to sit on, but they’re the first piece of furniture that G and I had bought together – about three years ago, from the Surajkund fair.

That’s the balcony that our bedroom opens into. This is where I start my day from, and end my day with. From the morning cup of coffee to the late night drink – it’s all in this balcony.

In the foreground, is one of the chairs out of the cane set that Mom had got us just before we got married. And, that’s Gabriel trying to look out, and there’s the first flower we’ve had in the new house.

Our bedroom. I love the blue curtains, blue bed spread, orange cushions, and the money plant.

G’s guitar too. 🙂



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4 responses to “Pretty, ain’t it?

  1. dipali

    Cheerful and happy- just what home should be:)

    me: So is yours. 🙂

  2. awesomely wonderful 🙂
    went through all the pictures… lovit!

  3. jottingsnmusings

    Amazing pics! Your home looks like just the kind of place to relax on a lazy weekend afternoon. Fabulous, really? It’s the windows I think, make the room so – open and cheerful somehow!

    me: 🙂 Thanks. I also think it’s the windows that do it – love the natural light that starts at 6 in the morning, and stays till 6 in the evening.

  4. To think I had to find this on a google search to check if any of my stuff has been published online without my permission…What a beautiful house you have…

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