An Awesome Sunday

…was had this weekend.

The most vella Sunday I have had in a long, loong time.

So, Chandni and The Boy were over. They got their Taboo set. There was lots of beer and Bloody Marys. G has, I must say here, become quite a expert at making Bloody Marys. That is how a good husband should be, I say!

Of course, he would become an even better husband, and so would The Boy, if only both of them would fall in with Chandni’s and my plan! The plan is that they both quit their current jobs and get better-paying ones ASAP (double-paying would be good!). Chandni and I would then stay home and blog – for money!

The quote of the day was by The Boy, who said: “Ah. So you blog, and we slog!”

Amen to that, we say!

P.S.: A lot of food was eaten too. Especially by me. At lunch and dinner. G calls me a hog now. My mother calls me her “darling termite”! The good thing here being that looking at me, you’d never imagine just how much I can eat. 😀 Hah!



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3 responses to “An Awesome Sunday

  1. for the record. i hate skinny people. just saying…

    me: LOL!
    Like I said: Hah! 😀

  2. to to think other people who really can’t afford to hog also did!

    Given their present conditions (both boys) I think we’d have to get better jobs and nurse the weaklings 😛


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