TOI does it again!

People may remember my earlier rant against TOI and sensational journalism…

Yesterday’s Times of India had the following picture on the front page:


The caption read: Next Stop, Lhasa?

Just wondering…

Isn’t the picture and the caption completely against what the Dalai Lama stands for? Isn’t this completely against what he’s been working so hard for? Isn’t it also maybe a little insulting? Doesn’t it go against the peaceful struggle of the Tibetan people?

Jug Suraiya though had this to tell:

Don’t speak to anyone, warned Tenzin, our English-speaking guide. Four years ago a friend of his who had been spotted talking to some foreign tourists had ‘disappeared’ and never been seen again. But it was hard to heed the warning. Inside the monastery, the monks swarmed around us. They want to know if you have ever seen His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, Tenzin explained. We shook our heads regretfully. They’re asking if you have any pictures of His Holiness, said Tenzin. Again we had to indicate we hadn’t. They’re asking if you can give them some Indian money, some notes, said Tenzin. It seemed a curious request, as Indian currency could hardly be legal tender in Chinese Tibet. But i took out my wallet and proffered a 100-rupee note. The monks shook their heads vigorously. No, no, said Tenzin. That’s too big; they want small notes, one rupee, two rupees. I found one- and two-rupee notes in my wallet. The monks passed them around with murmurs of awe and reverence. They’ll worship the notes, pray to them, said Tenzin. Because it’s possible that, maybe, sometime, His Holiness has touched one of the notes. That’s why they wanted small notes, which circulate more, so the chances of their having been touched by His Holiness are greater, he added. I looked at the remaining notes in my wallet, thumbed through them thoughtfully. Who knew? He just might have touched one of them. I was discovering what the Chinese have found out. That faith is an infection easy to catch, impossible to stamp out. Even in non-believers like me.

Faith really is easy to catch. No?



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4 responses to “TOI does it again!

  1. TOI cannot put in anything sensible. It is probably their motto of making simple things appear grotesque. Cant help it, we have to live with it. Or better, ignore it…

    me: All true. But if we all ignore it, then how will some other people at least look at things differently?

  2. dipali

    The TOI headlines are a class apart. They grab your attention by hook or by crook. Bah.

    me: Bah indeed!

  3. Read Indian Express or Hindu.. they havent fallen to TOI’s level as yet!

  4. Aas

    TOI never fails to get on my nerves these days….if only they’d thought before publishing such a photo what the role of press had been when India was struggling for independence.

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