To my baby brother

…who is not a baby any more.

Of course, this is a picture from when we both were.


Please notice the missing teeth – I was losing milk teeth, he was sprouting milk teeth. We were both giggling in bed in our favourite “cloud razaai” after Mom had been telling us to get into our respective beds and go to sleep. 🙂

Today happens to be my baby brother’s 21st birthday. 🙂

Last night, the Brat called me 40 minutes before his birthday started to tell me that in another 40 minutes he’s going to be presenting ‘the cheque‘ in the bank. I said, the rules of this bank say that he can’t present it till the legal age of 25. And then he groaned. 😀

The story goes like this…

When I was 8 years old, and he was 3, we were both given some money – it was probably a festival or something. I quickly spent mine, and was soon eyeing his. And since I was the child prodigy that I was, I quickly tore a few pages out of my notebook, tore the pages into little horizontal rectangles, stapled these from one side, and wrote Cheque Book on the first page. I then tore some more pages into vertical rectangles, stapled them and wrote Pass Book on the first page. I wrote his name on both, and then explained to him the importance of Banking, thus giving this my little brother his first lesson in Economics.

So anyway…

Not only did he understand the concept of banking at that young age (some of his sister’s brilliance would sometimes rub off on him), he was quite impressed with it too. The first drawer of my study table was the Bank, and so into it went his money. A note was made on the Pass Book, and he was given the Cheque Book to keep and use when he needed te money.

Being as excited as he was at the thought of having a bank account he could use, the next time that he wanted to buy a sweet or some such thing, the Brat came up to me, his Banker, and in his grubby hand he held out, very proudly, his first cheque. He wanted 10 rupees. There was also an illegible signature on the cheque.

Of course though, the cheque wasn’t honoured since he wasn’t an adult, and was told by his banker that he obviously couldn’t expect the bank to honour cheques written by a minor. Of course, the day he turned 18, he could withdraw the money if he wanted.

Makes sense. No?

Well, it sort of did to the Brat. (err…not like he had a choice anyway.)

So, he waited – patiently – for another 15 years. On his 18th birthday, he was told that the legal age had been moved up to 21. Well – what could the Banker do – it was government that decided these things…!

Fast forward to another 3 years from then, and you will reach the 7th of March 2008.

He is now worried that he will have to wait another 4 years now.

His Banker is (extremely!) worried at the Interest he will expect to have accumulated in 22 years from when he made the Deposit.

Happy Birthday, Brat!

I love you.

And, err … GOT YOU AGAIN! HA!! 😀

This post here about why I love my baby brother so much. 🙂



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5 responses to “To my baby brother

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  2. How could you! You better give him 12% interest and 12% fine for running a bank from the first drawer of your study table without a license. Officially yours, Mr Government.

    me: There, there! Don’t you go giving him ideas! 😉

  3. dipali

    What a monster sis you are, Aanchal! Such fun:)

    me: The baby brother still doesn’t think of it as fun. ‘spity … as Ern Goon would’ve said. 😀

  4. together wth IHM’s comments it was hilarious. what a lovely trusting bro u got! and you write so well, just like another blogmate of mine,if u like, u cd read Vagabond here(

    me: Yeah, he trusts me. The kid never learns, I tell you! 😀
    And, thanks! Will go read your friend’s blog now.

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