Tired but happy

First morning in our new house… 🙂
We moved out of the nice big airy house yesterday, into a flat. Neither G nor I has ever lived in a flat, so were not so looking forward to it.
…But, it’s nice really. Yes, there’s lesser space than what we’re used to. And it seems more so coz of the tight fit our furniture is here.
We don’t have the huge terrace anymore. But then, there are three decent balconies, lots of windows in every room so lots of natural light and fresh air.
After moving the three truckloads of our stuff yesterday, G and I went back to the old house to have one last drink on that terrace. 🙂
Anyway, waiting for my coffee to start my day…and then to get the house into order. It’s quite in shambles right now. We only managed to get the kitchen working, and the beds made till last night. So there’s loads left … but I’m happy. 🙂



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7 responses to “Tired but happy

  1. congratulations????????

    House warming must happen!

    me: Yes, Yes – it must! Soon it will. Just let me get the house in order first. 🙂

  2. ok that was supposed to be congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congo!!!

    Looking forward to a house warming party… now that the terrace is no longer there… we’ll manage in the nice balconies 🙂

    me: Again … yes, yes. I’m looking forward to it too. We’ll do it soon. 🙂

  4. dipali

    Is this your ‘own’ flat?
    In any case, may you live happily in every home you ever live in!

    me: No – sadly, it’s going to take us another year or so to get our ‘own’ flat/house. But, thanks. 🙂

  5. “That I seem very easy-going, but am quite pedantic actually – about most things, from correct grammar and punctuation”

    AHEM. AHEM……

    1. Neither G nor I has ever lived in a flat,

    2……. lots of windows in every room so lots of natural light and fresh air.

    Wish I had a red pen 🙂
    ……….. Need I say more??

    me: Touche… 🙂 In my defence though, had typed out the post on my phone when I was more than half asleep. 😉

  6. arti

    Congrats Anchal!!!
    i wish i cud be back in delli with old frens….
    chalo will cm to c ur house sometime…

    me: Thanks! Had no idea you read my blog! 🙂 Any plans of coming to Delhi anytime soon?

  7. dipali

    You are tagged!

    me: Just did Chandni’s tag. Will take yours up next. 🙂

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