A to Z

Been tagged by Bird’s Eye View to do this:

A – Available?: Most probably, yes. What for though?

B-Best friend: Mom. G. Papa. Saahil. – the four people who know me inside out.

C-Cake or Pie?: Cake. Chocolate. Gooey.

D-Drink of choice: Masala Chai. Hazelnut Coffee. A good, smooth and smoky whiskey.

E-Essential thing used everyday: Contact lenses. Moisturizer.

F-Favourite colour: Red. White.

G-Gummi bears or worms: erm…Chocolate…?

H-Hometown: Meerut. Also partial to Dehradun, where I spent many Summer holidays.

I-Indulgence: Books. DVDs.

J-January or February: February – for the lovely not-too-cold-weather, clear blue skies, all the pretty flowers, and our Anniversary

K-Kids and names: No kids yet. Names, yes. Mihika, Kaahini.

L-Life: is the one thing you owe to yourself to make the best of.

M-Marriage date: 10th of February 2007

N-Number of siblings: One. His name is Saahil. We call him Brat.

O-Oranges or apples: Oranges

P-Phobias: I want to say none. But it’s … err… dead fish. (Yes – I know it’s strange thing to have a phobia of. I cannot help it. I break out into cold sweat if I see the head of a dead fish. There. I said it.)

Q-Quote: The usual Humphrey Bogart one – “The whole world is about three drinks behind.”

R-Reason to smile: Being at “home”. Being with G. People liking a film that I’ve made. Xena. Gabriel. Candy. Floppy. A good book. A good movie. Seeing trees dancing in the wind.

S-Season: Summer – for the nice clothes you can wear, for being able to stay barefoot at home, and for the swimming. Winter – for everything else.

T-Tag three people: Tanzila, Arvind, Rohini.

U-Unknown fact about me: That I seem very easy-going, but am quite pedantic actually – about most things, from correct grammar and punctuation, to the right way to open a wine bottle, to … well, many many things.

V-Vegetable you do not like: Matar, Tori, Tinda, Lauki, Kaddu, Gaajar (Yes – I am fussy about vegetables. I can’t help it. I love food! And I don’t eat what I don’t like.)

W-Worst habit: Had to really think hard, and when that did not help, had to ask G finally. He says it’s digging my nails into people’s ears, and squeezing out blackheads, and generally causing people a lot of pain. Yes, yes – I know how that sounds. I am like that only.

X-x-rays you have had: Back, Chest, Knee

Y-Your favorite food: Dhansak. Meat Pulaao. Very cheesy pasta.

Z-Zodiac: Sagittarius


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  1. Love all your reasons to smile…

    me: 🙂

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