Happy Valentine’s Day!

To all. 🙂

Someone I work with in office has come with the theory that every Valentine’s Day that falls in a Leap Year has to have the women getting all the flowers and chocolates for the women. Thinking of which, I have decided to pick up food, and surprise G with a picnic dinner at India Gate.

I shall pick up burgers and drinks, take a blanket, and some flowers – and call him to tell him that he needs to reach the India Gate lawns.

And no – he usually doesn’t read my blog in the middle of the day, and his work’s been exceptionally hectic the last few weeks – so, he won’t be reading this till after tonight for sure. 🙂

And – oh, oh, oh! See my nice new theme with the red header for Valentine’s Day. 🙂



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3 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. awesome idea!!

    go girl!!! 😀

  2. dipali

    Great header. How was V-day at India Gate?

    me: India Gate was amazing. Just looking at the Amar Jawaan Jyoti and the magnificent structure, and INDIA engraved on the top always brings tears to my eyes. And it was beautiful that night. We talked lots and had lots of hot coffee sitting in the cold. 🙂

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