A guest post…

…in a way.

A friend of mine wrote these two poems. What I’d like is your reactions. Dipali? MM? Chandni? River? Eastmancolour? – all of you especially. Oh, and all the rest too.


A dream in a dream of a dream come true,
A world make belief of flattering words strung together,
A conversation of untold lies and unheard truth,
Of impulsive love and poised lust…
A dream in a dream of a dream come true.

Joy plucked from the bosom of fleeting time,
A sprinkle of happiness adding warmth to the bouquet,
An uproar of calm consideration and practical patience,
Of judgment unheld and sentences unpassed…
A dream in a dream of a dream come true.

An unventured, unplanned, unseen expedition,
Into a world of torture with a silver lining,
Ending in life and love and bliss and desire,
All, pardoned, for a breath of fresh air and a night of sleep…
A woman in a dream of a fantasy come true.

I cannot say if my heart is yours or if yours is mine, all I can hope is for the foresight of wisdom into taking not the wrong decisions, of not jumping the gun, of patiently waiting for the spirit to mature and the love to ferment and for a saturation of smiles to last the wait…


Have I left you with anything to say??
I have but rented a smile and stolen a little laughter…
Nights with you, now, new days to look forward too,
Conversations of suicidal tendencies and other frivolous disasters…
I wish you words to lighten up the gloomy twilights,
So that I may but stare at the birth of my dreams,
For with you not only are the devil’s desires fulfilled,
But many more are conceived through immaculate conception.

A blinded prophet lost for mere rhyme
Does but earn the luxury to lead away from astray
On the wings of hope and dreaded desire…
Oh poor wish come true, you follow only death to its end,
Be wary, be wise,
For it is not life you see, my darling Mannat,
but a serpent with the apple of demise in his eye!

– lost for the meaning of life…never for words!



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5 responses to “A guest post…

  1. dipali

    Tag done, finally. I’ll read the poems properly when I have more time:)

  2. well I like it, but I am no expert… 🙂 I enjoy most poetry – you wont get a proper critique from me!

  3. dipali

    Very interesting poems. Who wrote?

    me: A friend. Take a bow, N?

  4. These seem quite interesting works.. u seem to have been in a rather gloomy mood when u penned these!

  5. nicky - the poet :)

    Hi Aanchal… Hmmm… some interesting work here… love the poetry… 🙂
    ok ok… it me.. I’m the suicidal poet. Glad you liked them enough to put them up on your blog…. and pleased that now we have 3 people who like them now… and neither of them is an expert ;)… just kidding

    As for the Poems… they are technically the first that I have written (random scripts for promos was my only other literary work) and were done because the ‘woman’ wanted me to write something to her. They are both dark as that is the mood I am more-often-than-not in. But what I also would like to bring out in the poetry was the fact that Hope could/should always survive, even in the darkest of places… hope this helps understanding me a bit and thus my words too.

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