Nothing to say

…except that I am just leaving office to go home. I am being dropped home by a colleague, because one – I do not like taking the office cab if I have a choice; and two – G is still in Bombay (chillin’ in Hard Rock Cafe as I write this, I am sure).

Which, brings me to my second point…

…that I really miss G when he’s not around for so many days. Not because I can’t do without him. Not because there isn’t so much else in my life. But, because there’s no one to tell all that to every night (…phones are just not the same anymore). There’s no one to shout at if I’m irritated at nothing in particular. There’s no one to get me a hot water bottle, or a drink – whichever I might want. There’s no one whose laptop I can whack – hence, the hurried blogging from office before I leave. There’s no one to just “get” what I am saying – erm, most of the time. There’s no one to cuddle up to in bed. There’s even no one to get the cats out of the bed when they sneak in (which is most nights).

Also, there’s no one to drive me to dinner invitations all the way to the other end of Delhi. (Why, Chandni? Why? Why do you live so far?)

And, oh – that’s a problem because I so totally(!!!!!) agree with this! (Sorry, MM – am too lazy to explain myself, when you said just so exactly how I feel. *sheepish grin*)

Tomorrow morning will be spent doing much-needed cleaning of cupboards and kitchen. Tomorrow evening, hopefully, friends are coming over. Sunday morning – Foodie Trip to North Campus!! Yay! Beef Chilli, Tingmos, Momos, and chhole-bhature…*slurp* *smack* (Does anyone think all that won’t go together?)

Okay – I’m off.



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6 responses to “Nothing to say

  1. G

    I have a lot to say…that I miss you…even though i do not sound like it on the phone…that I get this weird feeling when I want to tell you about something quite funny or interesting here and I can’t cuz you may not be able to understand the context vis a vis the city I’m in at the moment…and how it would be more fun if you were here…

    would also like to say that I’m going “to chill”(my host’s favourite word) tomorrow after a while and do things which may be a complete waste of time…but I’d rather do them with you…
    and that I luv and miss you lots…

    and don’t worry S’ reports will be just fine…


    me: You make me get all teary! Idiot.

  2. dipali

    Awwww to you and to G, the two of you. Making me all senti in my old age:)

    me: πŸ™‚ … And, old age … you?!! … never!

  3. And that is the reason why both our careers are not zooming ahead like they should. We’ve both chosen to work so that we come first. He doesnt take travelling jobs, I don’t take junkets, and I choose to work freelance so that we dont need to coordinate holidays. So I ‘get’ what you say. And I feel for you. Well lets see what we can do to make things better, huh?!

    me: I’m hoping for us to reach that place in the next two years – when we can both afford to work that we come first. *sigh* Two years is such a long time…

  4. I am so sorry! I promise we’ll make it up to you tomorrow and feed u all the best food that we’ve survived on in college πŸ˜‰

    Hope that G makes it too!

    Lots of love

    me: I had the Beef Chilli for dinner too. πŸ™‚

  5. I was too stuffed to eat anything!

  6. shaktii


    the post turned out to be a emotional one, blessings for u and g, when is he coming back?

    hope g dont have any trips in the near future.

    me: Oh, he was away for a week. And he doesn’t travel that often actually. Only, when he does, that’s when I realise how used to him I am. I’m sure he feels the same when I travel on shoots. πŸ™‚

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