Conversations #1

G plans to write a mail to his boss.

me: Send it to me before you do.

G: Why? You want to do a grammar check?

me: And a spell check.

G: What are you, like, Microsoft Word?

me: No. Open Office.

G: No, you’re not.

me: Yes, I am. I’m anti-establishment.

G: If Open Office was anti-establishment, it would corrupt Word files. It doesn’t do that. So, ergo.

me: Ok…yeah…true. So, what am I?

G: You’re like…some new, unique version.





I think that’s so sweet. 😀



Filed under love, marriage

2 responses to “Conversations #1

  1. oh ho! that is actually sweet!

    and someone is on a blogging spree…..some people really misuse office internet 😀

    me: Told you I was jobless. 😉

  2. out of the odd 15 tht I managd to read of ur posts tnght, this is my favourite best so far. lovely togetherness – there…if u wrote novels, it wd turn out to be great am sure, u are intrinsically such a warm life loving person n very articulate 😉

    me: Thanks! That’s such a nice thing to say. 🙂

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