Search Strings to reach Three Drinks Ahead

[The most popular ones in Bold text.]

Hamne Dekhi hai un aankhon ki Free Song (Awww…I love this song too!) (Erm…it’s strange that more people reach this blog searching for the Mad Momma, than they do looking for me 😛 )

new year quotes when harry met sally (very popular movie this seems to be)

kabir kaushik

tumhara intezar hai

abba birthday cake (birthday cake for your Dad, or birthday cake for ABBA)

Thor birthday cakes (birthday cake for the god of war???)

Kabir marriage poem

Vincent starry night meaning

neighbours drink together videos (why oh why, were you searching for this, whoever you are?? Whyd on’t you go next door and shoot a video of yourself with your neighbours?)

women cello legs scratching quote (Amazed that this string leads people here!)

the madmomma real name (Many, many very curious people out there!)

kalia naag

three drinks books

Drinks for the common cold (Awww, you poor thing. Chicken soup, I hear, often helps.)

High maintenance (Erm…’G’ please note – This is not a validation of the misconceptions that you have!)

voice of gulzar

my mother is crazy (ROFL, Ma! What do we all keep telling you?! 😀 )

dogs faiz ahmed faiz

ye daag daag ujala

crazy mother (ROFL ROFL ROFLMAO)

Neeraj Bali (And, this is someone who only comments here – very popular search string though)

quotes of hope when feeling lonely (isn’t that sad?)

crazy dog with syringe (what??!)

quotes with three

thebratthebeanandbedlam (Oh, this person seems to have caught on!)

Xena and Gabriel (Very famous my cats seem to be!!)

laund ne dikha diya (What does this even mean??)

Delhi wali Biryani recipe (Sorry, can’t help you with that one.)

rangoli desig

urdu poetry faiz kutte

toote that thing up mommy (Huhn??!!)



When Harry Met Sally (Many, many fans)

who write the song kab mein ne ye socha

awesomely funny cat pictures

skypers skype me

“ogden nash” “did someone say babies”

happy birthday quotes for sweetheart

hum aapki aankhon mein

can you wear chooda after one year of marriage (Of course you can, sweetheart – whoever you are. If you want to wear it.)

happy birthday drinks

sweetheart conversations india (Can someone tell me what are “sweetheart conversations”?!)

“tum chup” translated in english (Erm…tum chup = you shut up?)

How strange!


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One response to “Search Strings to reach Three Drinks Ahead

  1. geez TDA – this is psyching me out. People hunting for you is never a good thing. And do give me the IP address of the person who wants my real name. I’ll be happy to help them out 🙂

    🙂 Sure – would give you the IP address, if I knew how to. Is there an option that lets you do that in WordPress?

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