Calling all Bloggers in Delhi…

Let’s meet, people!

After all, three out of the four “elite bloggers” still live in Delhi. 😀

What say?

I was thinking – this Sunday, the C.P. Barista/Costa, 3 p.m.?

Leave comments to confirm. Also, put the notice up on your blog too. And, do come. 🙂

It’ll be fun!

And, ooh! I googled “elite bloggers TOI”, and came across one link that I hadn’t at that time.

P.S.: People, please leave comments to confirm if you’re coming. I’ll be talking to Barista/Costa for booking tables, so we all get place to sit. Or else, sms me on: nine eight one zero one four one eight five five.



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9 responses to “Calling all Bloggers in Delhi…

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  2. Gourav (a Bloggers Husband)

    Are Non-blogging relatives allowed entry??

    me: Erm…yeah…I guess. IF accompanied by their “Blogging Relatives” though! 🙂

  3. Haven’t attended one in ages, have been off blogging, but will try to come.

    me: Great! Do try. 🙂

  4. ~nm

    Count me in!!

    me: Great. See you. This is the best thing about Bloggers’ Meets, don’t you think – getting to meet people you know so well, and yet haven’t ever met. 🙂

  5. Which do all of you prefer though? Barista or Costa?

  6. im1234007
    They have great videos. You should check them out!

  7. Costa! the pastries are better.

    Great. Shall speak with the Costa people then, and try and book space.

  8. hey!

    Don’t remember if I’ve commented before but I read and love your blog!

    Sounds great….hopefully I’ll be there!

    me: And I very often read yours! 🙂 Do come – it’ll be great!

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