Update Time

Been away for many days, and not ‘coz I was busy at work. Instead, I have the following new addictions:

  1. Jeffrey Archer – Have re-discovered all his books. In the last month or so, have finished Kane and Abel, A Twist in the Tale, Cat O’Nine Tales, Honour Among Thieves, Sons of Fortune, First Among Equals, Shall We Tell the President, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less, False Impressions, and A Quiver full of Arrows. Currently reading As the Crow Flies.
  2. Facebook – Though this is now quite an old addiction. I’m currently trying to not have to keep updating my Status(!) on Facebook.
  3. The Sims – Extremely addictive it is!!

After a long-ish time, G and I have been spending more time together. Mostly, this is limited to a late-night drink out on the terrace together after a long day at office for both of us. At least a couple of times a week, we try and watch a movie with that drink. Night before last, we watched The Pursuit of Happyness. We’d missed it when it came out last year. Absolutely beautiful movie

I also watched Madhuri’s comeback film. I cannot fathom why the woman came back to THIS!! Bad script, bad actors, bad costumes, weak story, bad direction – and Madhuri’s accent!! One of my many quirks is that I can never watch a film while eating. This has nothing to do with not liking food. It’s only that I can’t bear to miss even a single shot in the film, a single expression, a single cut, a single…whatever. I have to either watch a film in a theatre, or else draw the curtains, eat, drink, go to the loo, and do everything else that might interrupt the film. And this is something that bugs my entire family. I’ve been known to even shout at people for coughing and sneezing. In fact, this quirk extends to not just myself, I even nudge (poke??) the person I’m watching the film with if she/he even looks down at their food for (as long as!) 10 seconds. [Note to G: I do this for your good!]

Things I did while watching Aaja Nachle:

  1. Heat dinner
  2. Eat dinner
  3. Give the cats’ food
  4. Make soup for G, and fry bread crumbs for the soup
  5. Go to the loo
  6. Bring a blanket from the other room
  7. Talk on the phone

If that doesn’t say how bad the film is, nothing else will!



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2 responses to “Update Time

  1. dipali

    To each her own! I quite enjoyed Aaja Nachle, despite the over-the-top guru:)

    me: Absolutely! 🙂
    You must watch The Pursuit of Happyness though.

  2. dipali

    Oh, I loved it. The kid was such a darling, too.

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