Cold-blooded killers?!?

The Mad Momma wrote about the recent shootings in a school in Gurgaon. A fourteen-year old was shot, five times, by two other fourteen-year olds. The reason: This boy would bully the other two. He would push them in the corridor, poke them from behind, maybe he made fun of them some time. That’s what it took for these two kids to shoot him.

All news channels and newspapers reported this as a planned murder. HT had a headline that said, something to the effect of, these two kids being cold-blooded murderers. I’m sure all these newspapers sold a lot of copies. Everyone talked a lot about what kids today have become. Some people also talked about “that lot of people” who keep guns at home, and how “these people” feel it’s a status thing to have a weapon at home. I heard something about “haryaanvis” and “chaudharys” and the like.

[On a side note, I love the new newspaper from the Today group. It’s called Mail Today. All subscribers of India Today are getting the paper free for three months. Great marketing idea too. And, very good articles. Well written, well researched, and without sensational headlines.]

Mail Today was the only paper that I read that was talking about what we really need to talk about.

These kids killed another child. They sat in the police station, on a bench, for nine hours – chatting with each other, wondering why prisoners were looking out of their cells at them so curiously, chatting with each other, having tea and biscuits that the cops go them, maybe even wondering where their parents were – and looking like they felt no remorse. Did they actually feel no remorse? Or was it that the innocent eyes looked so innocent because they had no idea what it was that they’d done?

Last weekend, maybe they went to a friend’s house who’d just got the new X-Box. Maybe a friend came over to their place to play with new X-Box that their parents got them. So, they played this game where they shot down a lot of people. The friend won. But, so what – they shot a lot of bad guys too. There was a burst of gunfire. There was blood. And the bad guy fell.

At school, this boy was the bad guy who troubled them. One of the boys’ dads had just bought a new gun. The boy remembered dad showing it to him and to mom. It was just like it is in the movies.

So, the class bully was shot and killed. Was it because these other two fourteen-year olds were cold-blooded enough to plan this?

I think it was because they are growing up in an age where shooting someone is as easy as clicking a button on the X-Box. They’re growing up in an age where it isn’t “cool” to feel remorse. It isn’t cool to let something affect you enough to feel anything. Remorse, excitement, sadness, regret. Nothing.

The policemen said that they got the shivers when the two kids told them everything they’d done during questioning. Hardened criminals break down and confess during such questioning. But these kids didn’t “confess” – they just said everything they’d done, and why they did it. Because that boy pushed them, poked them, made fun of them.

More than schools across Delhi heeding a wake-up call, I think we – as a society, as a developing nation, as a soon-to-be-Superpower – need to rethink how we bring up our children, and the examples we set.

Don’t you think?



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6 responses to “Cold-blooded killers?!?

  1. so true…

    its also most annoying when its dismissed with a ‘north indians are violent’ comment?

    and yes… we do need to rethink how we’re bringing up our kids. they need more than good schools and xboxes. i wish ppl would see that…

    me: I know! I heard the “north Indians are violent” comment on radio last night, from a woman talking about the difference between people from the southern states and people from Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana.

    I also wish I’d stop hearing comments about how all kids these days are the same. I wish people would realise it’s all about how you bring up your kids, and what they see or experience, or what references they have – more than the society they’re growing up in. No?

  2. This whole thing just scares the shit out of me. I hope that I can bring up my son to be a different person but sometimes I worry that just my good intentions and actions may not be enough given that a lot of his influences will come from cinema, media and peers… even cartoons like Looney Tunes feature gun-toting characters like Elmer Fudd… how much can you shut your kid away from all this and for how long??

    Like I said… I am terrified…

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  4. Sad but true. I do think media has a huge role to play in all such events – the connection between the episode in the US (Robert Hawkins, LSU etc) and this episode (and I fear episodes to come) is very fundamental – and unless we nip this in the bud, we will just be goin the US way.
    Have written a perspective on this too on my blog. Do let me know your comments on

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  6. Stop the cold blooding killing out there.You don’t like if someone just put a gun to your head andwent BOOM!!!!!!!!O.K. THEN STOP THE KILLING.

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