Crazy Cat Lady wants a Dog now!

People think I prefer cats to dogs. Actually, I don’t. And, neither do I prefer dogs to cats.

And, Mom will second this, ‘coz she’s had to bear pet rabbits that ate up her garden, AND a horse that I wanted to keep in my room once. Plus, all the dogs we’ve always had – Toto, Tuli, Toffee, Cola, Pixie, Cocoa, Ceasar, and now Candy and Floppy.

I’d got Xena from Friendicoes soon after I’d moved to my barsaati in Noida. She was the cutest little kitten! One of her earliest pictures here.

Gabriel was brought to my house in a little basket with a ribbon tied around its handle, when he was just a few days old. My then maid’s children had found this tiny kitten sitting next to a cat that had died. They knew I had Xena, so they brought this little thing to me too. He was so small that he couldn’t lap milk from a bowl. I’d fed him milk with a syringe for about the next week or so.

Now, he’s a year and a half old, huge, and extremely naughty. G thinks he’s almost human! I think he’s more like a dog than like a cat. Especially how he hears me coming up the stairs to our first floor house, and is standing at the main door mewing for me. And, as soon as I come in, I’m handed a spit-covered chewy toy, which I then proceed to throw around the house, and he proceeds to “fetch”.

Because of this hyper-active kitten, Xena’s started walking (even running sometimes!) again. 🙂 She’d had an accident when she was about 4 months old, which had left her completely paralysed for about ten days with a spinal injury. Even now, she walks with a limp, falls down after a little running, loses her balance very easily, and can’t meow or purr loudly. Thanks to Gabriel, she’s started trying to run again, and she jumps off beds and sofas quite effortlessly, and sometimes even lands on her feet. 🙂

Here are my favourite pictures of the two of them.

Xena and Gabriel.jpg



Now I want a dog too!

G would love a Golden Labrador. And, I’d like a German Shepherd.

Any suggestions?


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One response to “Crazy Cat Lady wants a Dog now!

  1. Xena is beautiful. I fell in love with her the very first time I met her – must be late 2005 I suppose. How is she doing now? I trust I must try and visit you sometime to make Gabriel’s acquaintance too.

    Take care, and that sort of a thing.

    me: You really must. 🙂 Facebook said you were in Delhi, and this morning, you weren’t. Short trip? Hope your Mom’s good.
    Xena says thanks! 🙂

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