Our first Diwali together

The diyaas that Mom sent.

This photo was taken after G was done soaking them
in water and was putting them in the sun to dry.My rangoli. 🙂
G insisted, while I was making it, that it looked
like a 10 year old had made it. After I was done with it, though,
he did admit it actually looked nice.
Oh, and he helped too.
Oh, and this was made with the rangoli colours that Mom sent. 🙂


Yours truly. And, you can see the pretty
diyaas in the background.

Really like this photo. 🙂
Looks like both of us have our wands out, and
are casting spells on each other. Quite Potter-ish.
Oh, and that’s my hand in the foreground.


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One response to “Our first Diwali together

  1. dipali

    Lovely! (ALL the pics).It’s so wonderful that we can still buy these amazingly beautiful diyas for a really measly sum of money. I haven’t had the heart to throw out the used ones this year….maybe light them for some dinner-shinner:)

    me: 🙂 Same here. I’ve kept mine too. Except the ones that got horribly blackened with the wick.

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